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The Huskers Dominate the Nittany Lions: Nebraska 70 Penn State 53

Andrew White III scoring a career high of 35 in The Vault

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are. The second game without Shavon Shields. As much as I hate to not see him on the court it's good for the team to get an idea of what it's like to not have him next year. Wisconsin was a decent indicator but a lot of that game was still dealing with him being gone. This game is where it really sets in.

What you saw tonight will most likely be the rotation for next year. Andrew White was the big man, Michael Jacobson did his part in the supporting role, and Glynn Watson Jr. is the up in coming star. Hopefully the other guys can develop even move in the off season to bring this team up to at least the middle tier of the Big Ten.

The game itself had an interesting start. Penn States big guys kept Nebraska honest and dominated the boards. Especially on offense when Penn State was shooting so poorly. That dominance kept them in the game early on.

As for Nebraska, it was the Andrew White show as he ended the night with a career high of 35 points. He dominated early on and didn't stop the entire game. To be more specific, it was Andrew versus Penn State for the first half. It looked like it was Nebraska's game until Miles benched White midway through the game that allowed Penn State to come back and take the lead.

Their big men, Jordan Dickerson and Brandon Taylor, kept them in it with their rebounding and took the lead back from the Huskers. However, it was Glynn Watson Jr. who nailed a three pointer with three seconds left in the half to give Nebraska the lead going into half time 32-31.

White took started the second off from where he started in the first by scoring 9 of the first 11 points. The rest of the team also took note and the Huskers took off and separated themselves from the Nittany Lions going on a 21-2 run with roughly 11 minutes still left to play.

White wasn't the only Husker with a big night. Michael Jacobson also had a good night with 10 points and 4 rebounds. Jake Hammond came off the bench with 9 points and held his own in the paint grabbing 5 rebounds from a tall Penn State team. Glynn Watson Jr. Started out slow but ended up with 9 points and 3 steals.

We can't go without mentioning the nice dunk by Nick Fuller.

Nebraska goes to Bloomington, IN on Wednesday to take revenge on Indiana who beat the Huskers earlier in the year.