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Corn Flakes: Valentine's Day And Nebraska Is Still One Of The Best

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I thought this was interesting.....

Is Florida State the best college football program of the last 30 years? - Tomahawk Nation

Let's use math to figure out the best college football team of the last 30 years.

One of our guys over at the SBNation Florida State site came up with a scoring system that I think works pretty well and includes just about every aspect of a good college football program.

Nebraska comes in at #7 over the past 30 years using his system.... which, isn't bad, but you remember when there were constant articles and posts on Internet sites about the Huskers being the best since 1970. Nebraska's last national title being 1997 (19 years ago) and last conference championship (Big 12) in 1999, and we're getting closer to some cut offs of greatness that none of us would rather see.

The 2015 Nebraska football media guide contains this line: Nebraska has more wins than any other program in college football over the past 60 years.

That's not very reassuring.

Fitbit gives couple quite a surprise

David Trinidad noticed that the month-old fitness tracker his wife was wearing registered an elevated heart rate. After seeing high-rate readings, Trinidad turned to the social aggregating site, Reddit, for answers.

That's funny because I ALWAY turn to Reddit for answers. (No. No, don't do this. Not unless you know Reddit really really well.)

The couple picked up 10 pregnancy tests that night. They all came back positive. With this being their first time expecting, David Trinidad said that there are a few symptoms of pregnancy he and his wife hadn't learned about. Heart rate is one of several indicators that can give doctors a clue if they think their patient is expecting a child.

10 pregnancy tests? That's a lot of testing. Does that seem excessive to anyone else?

Football Rules Committee approves proposals to enhance player safety |

In a small number of cases, the committee believed players were incorrectly disqualified from games. The elements of targeting that replay officials will watch for include launching and forcible contact to the head, among other factors.

Proposed NCAA rule would allow replay officials to call targeting from upstairs -

The NCAA will soon vote on several new rule proposals for the 2016 college football season.

Read these and you might conclude that they would take away the ejection by Nate Gerry in the bowl game. I would caution you against that assumption. Recall the article I did at the end of December in which I discussed the targeting call with an official. Remember that he stated the guys upstairs (replay officials) were typically guys who haven't been on the field for a while, and therefore are no longer accustomed to game speed.

Given that, do you think it more or less likely we'll see more targeting calls and ejections?

I'm going with more likely. I guess I don't have a lot of faith in officiating.

SBN's Bill Connelly has launched a kickstarter campaign to assist with him self-publishing a book. Please consider a contribution!!!

Mark Dantonio considering holding spring practices off-site in warmer climate |

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said his program is considering holding future spring drills in a warmer climate, much in the same fashion as Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has set up for the Wolverines.

I would welcome leaving East Lansing for a bit, too.

B1G Love: Happy Valentine's Day from Across the Conference - Off Tackle Empire

Usually, we're all about the B1G Hate around here, and that's all well and good. But when have we ever let a crassly commercial holiday pass by without badly relating it to our favorite teams.....

This has turned me into a spiteful Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I Hate You | Collectors Weekly

With all the hand-wringing over anonymous commenters and social-media trolls, you’d think the Internet is to blame for all the woes of hum...

I remember sending a nasty card to a couple girls in my class, I think when I was in grade school. I don't remember where I got the card. It said something about how "YOU'RE THE KIND OF VALENTINE I WANT...." and then you turned the page and it said "TO FORGET" or something like that.

Is that cruel?

No. Everyone knows girls had cooties when you were in grade school.

Look at these charts and marvel at the imbalance of 2016's college football recruiting -
Plus other takeaways from a divisional look at 2016's recruiting class.

All 10 Huskers Ranked by Coaches’ Panel, RPI - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
All 10 Husker starters received spots in both the Coaches’ Panel Rankings and RPI Rankings, released by the NCAA on Thursday.

Shields Repeats as Academic All-District Selection - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska forward Shavon Shields was honored for his efforts in the classroom Thursday, as he was named to the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) Academic All-District™ VII team.

Huskers Fall in Record Night for Gophers - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Huskers, who slipped to 16-8 overall and 7-6 in the Big Ten, dropped a 110-73 decision to a Minnesota squad that improved to 17-7 overall and 9-4 in the conference. Minnesota's 110 points tied the Nebraska all-time opponent mark set by Long Beach State on Jan. 2, 1982.