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Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Game Thread

Wisconsin is on a five game win streak. Can the Huskers stop it?

Eric Francis/Getty Images

In case you did not know, Shavon Shields will not be playing tonight against the Badgers. We wish him a speedy recovery from this concussion he sustained during the Rutgers game on Saturday.

Wisconsin Preview

Wisconsin Q&A with Bucky's 5th Quarter

Date: Wednesday, February 10th

Time: 5:00pm 6:00pm


Streaming: BTN2GO, Husker Sports Network

Radio: KLIN

Probable Starters

Nebraska: Andrew White III, Benny Parker, Glynn Watson Jr., Michael jacobson, Jack McVeigh

Wisconsin: Nigel Hayes, Vitto Brown, Ethan Happ, Bronson Koenig, Zak Showalter

Brew of the Game: Let's go down memory lane for this one. I'm going to pick everyone's favorite brew from Wisconsin, Schlitz. I remember the first time I had Schlitz. Actually, I don't remember it at all. In fact, the only think I know is that I am pretty sure I have had Schlitz but I can't remember anything after that. Maybe that's why I haven't had it in so long? Pretty sure it was college....pretty sure.

- GBR!