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SDR: Monday's Recap & Taking Odds On Nebraska's Commit Chances Tuesday

One missed decision, two coming, and the best AC's on the staff staying with the Huskers.

Lamar Jackson. He should be a Husker... I hope.
Lamar Jackson. He should be a Husker... I hope.
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- First and foremost, Nebraska target Isaiah Simmons will be pulling the trigger tomorrow.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Nebraska is perfectly safe here, as there's some chatter that it could be Clemson's win here. You can't blame Nebraska here, as they have shown their cards for Simmons as a Wide Reciever. However, if Simmons wants to play Safety, then it's going to be Clemson.

I didn't think that Nebraska had a good chance before the weekend, and it honestly hasn't gotten worse, or better. I've made my CB to say that he's a Tiger. Sorry folks, this one just didn't work.

Odds he's a Husker: 20%

- Well, a total destruction from this weekend was averted when Pernell Jefferson told Nebraska247's Mike Schaefer that he will be signing with Nebraska this Wednesday.

Jefferson visited Indiana this weekend, and while it went well and gave him pause to think about things, in the end he'll stay with Nebraska.

- For those screaming on how Nebraska is going to get their asses handed to themselves the past 2 days, Lamar Jackson should be a Husker by this time tomorrow.

Odds he's a Husker: 98.6%

- it was a no brainer to give both Keith Williams and Trent Bray contract extensions today, which the Omaha World-Herald reported first today. The details are as follows, per the OWH:

Two of Nebraska's best-considered position coaches and recruiters, linebackers coach Trent Bray and wide receivers coach Keith Williams, each received contract extensions until 2018 and major pay raises from Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst.

Both received contract extensions through Jan. 31, 2018.

Bray's new salary for the 2016 season is $300,000. In 2017, he'll receive $325,000. Bray worked on a one-year contract in 2015 and was paid $250,000. Bray followed coach Mike Riley from Oregon State, where he was also a linebackers coach. In his first year at Nebraska, Bray had to negotiate a lack of depth at his position, injuries and a suspension. As a result, NU had to start both a true freshman (Dedrick Young) and a walk-on (Chris Weber)...

...Williams will be paid $400,000 in 2016 and 2017. In 2015, Williams' salary was $275,000. Under the previous contract, he was due to make $300,000 in 2016. After a long stint at Tulane, his up-tempo style of blending tough love and humor has been a hit with receivers in his room. Williams also tutors several NFL wideouts, including the Packers' James Jones. In fall camp, Williams, too had to juggle practice repettions because of a high volume of injuries.

"He’s demanded a lot but also taught, in total, very well," Riley said in August of Williams. "Because it’s a mess. Everyone would like to have the same guys playing the same position every day for three weeks, but life doesn’t always work like that."

If you're argument (as I've seen on the original fanshot) is that they don't deserve raises due to Nebraska being 6-7, then you're missing the point. Both guys have brought their position groups up in a quick time, and even though they have lost their battles, both men have done well in the 13 months they have been recruiting for Nebraska.

The University obviously wanted both around, and I could see Trent Bray becoming Nebraska's Defensive Coordinator. Meanwhile, Keyan Williams, son of Keith, has come to Lincoln from Fresno State. You want both of them on your side, and the AD stepped up to the plate in a big way here.

- So, what changed with Dez Fitzpatrick? Well, it was the last 36 hours.

Word on the street is that Dez's Dad had a lot to do with his commitment to Louisville, his deco, and his recommitment. Not in a dirty way I suppose, but it's few and far between on a guy leaving a school and returning, especially after that long of a time.

The only thing that Nebraska did wrong here is not having themselves as his last Official Visit. Fitz was here for the Michigan State game, and if that didn't sell him to stay, then what the hell exactly would have?  A bagman?

It's what it is. You are better off being in those battles at the end, because enough will go your way. It's easy to get snippy about videos and such, but when you are on the good side of it, you don't mind as much.