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Corn Flakes: National Signing Day Cometh

Jon Johnston

National Signing Day is Wednesday, February 3rd, but it sounds like Nebraska may find out about some key recruits ahead of time. I'm not going to pretend I know what's going on, but stay tuned here at CN, and Brian will let you know what's happening.

I'm not sure it matters all that much where Nebraska's recruiting class ends up; there will be plenty of emotions all around. Some will lament that it's not high enough to win any championships, and others will be upset that it's not low enough to get Mike Riley fired because they're doomwishers.

It needs to be a step up to be perceived as successful even if we won't know whether it's really successful for another three or four years. If you're the type who expects a highly-ranked class right away, well, you will be disappointed. That Nebraska hasn't been nationally relevant for a while is inane, and it will take a couple years or more to get back to where Nebraska fans expect to be.

That's it for now. This week is still all about recruiting.

Welcome to Monday.

Only a few of NCAA's 'roughly 30' Ole Miss allegations concern football, per sources -
The Rebels aren't all that worried about the potential of major violations impacting the football program.

These 6 teams could end Alabama's streak of No. 1 recruiting classes -
Then again, the Tide are right in the mix to make it six years in a row.

2016 Pre-Signing Day Primer - Off Tackle Empire

Do you smell that? The smell of hope springing eternal? That sweet, lusty delusion that this will be the class that takes you to a national title/playoff appearance/conference title/division title/division contention/bowl appearance/not losing to MAC teams anymore/please God just let something go right for this program?

9-year-old battling brain tumor signs a letter of intent to UCLA -
9-year-old Cade Spinello, who has battled a brain tumor for four years, signed a letter of intent with the UCLA Bruins.

Beware, football recruits: Your coach likely won't stay four years -

Be careful, college football recruits. As you decide where to sign next week, just understand the head coach or assistant you're really close to on National Signing Day is unlikely to stick around for your entire college career.

Harbaugh defends recruiting moves - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: Sports

"We don’t hide how we operate and what we do," he said after the introduction of Warde Manuel as Michigan’s new athletic director on Friday. "It’s a meritocracy, like everything we do in our program. It’s going to continue to be that. We’re going to bring the finest student-athletes and character that we can to the University of Michigan. That process continues for the next three to four days."

I wonder how close Jim Harbaugh is to being a narcissist in clinical terms.....

Dr. Bennet Omalu 'would bet my medical license' that O.J. Simpson has CTE

Dr. Bennet Omalu, the renowned neuropathologist whose discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players inspired the movie "Concussion," is willing to "bet [his] medical license" that O.J. Simpson is suffering from the disease.

Let's just say everyone with bad behavior who is an ex-NFL player has CTE and go from there. That way they have an excuse for everything.

How much money is Rutgers getting from the Big Ten and what it means? |

Compare that number to the $32 million that Big Ten full-share member schools reportedly received in FY2015 and it explains why the Rutgers athletics department — which needed $23.8 million from the university's general fund and from a student fee to balance its $70.5 million budget following its first Big Ten campaign — figures to remain one of the nation's most heavily subsidized programs for the next few years.

That has to be the most fucked up university in sports. Where would they be without the Big Ten bailing them out?

Baylor officials accused of failing to investigate sexual assaults fully, adequately providing support for alleged victims

"They didn't just not respond; they responded by turning me away and telling me that it was not possible for me to receive help from them," said Tanya, whose identity is being kept private by Outside the Lines because she was the victim of a sexual assault.

This is... well, horrifying and way too common. I want to say, OH LOOK AT BAYLOR, but I have this feeling that this is the way that most institutions are and by that I mean that they just don't give two shits about their constituents. It's not like anyone in the public sector ever gets fired for incompetence, and while Baylor isn't a public university, the mind set is still the same.

Welcome to our university. I hope your daughter is armed, never goes out and/or when she does, she's accompanied by body guards she can trust or covers herself completely.

Shedding light on final months, hours of Lawrence Phillips' life - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos
But many of those close to the ultra-talented but flawed football star remain mystified why a man so steadfastly upbeat despite a decade behind bars would suddenly take his own life. In fact, a large number of his supporters are absolutely convinced he didn’t die at his own hand.

Huskers Win Fourth Consecutive PVAMU Invite - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The second-ranked Nebraska bowling team defeated top-ranked Arkansas State in the championship match of the Prairie View A&M Invitational Sunday, giving the Cornhuskers their fourth consecutive PVAMU crown.

Huskers Upset Buckeyes - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Columbus, Ohio --- The No. 8 Nebraska rifle team defeated the seventh-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on Sunday by a score of 4,674 - 4,672.