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Nebraska Football Practice Report: Tommy Armstrong Questionable For Music City Bowl

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Could Ryker Fyfe be the man against the Vols?

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers came back to the practice fields for the first time since the Iowa debacle, starting prep for the Franklin American Music City Bowl vs. Tennessee. Here are some notes from Mike Riley’s availability:

- If you were hoping that Tommy Armstrong’s hamstring was feeling better almost a full month after injuring it vs. Minnesota, guess again.

Obviously, Fyfe with preparation has shown that he can move the offense at a decent clip. That being said, it’s hard to imagine that Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf won’t want Armstrong on the field if at all possible to finish his career at Nebraska.

- Riley sees a little more zest in the matchup with the Vols than most people do.

- New Cornerbacks coach Donte Williams was with the team for the first time today, and he looked ready to go.

Someone introduce the Mill & Scooters to the man, would you?

- If you’re still thinking of making the drive to Nashville for the game, there are plenty of Nebraska’s 8000 allotment to go around.

If you’re wondering about Tennessee, they have already sold out of their allotment.

Nebraska will practice in Lincoln till December 27th, when they fly to Nashville for the game.