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Corn Flakes: Say No To Expanded College Football Playoff and Nebraska Assistant Coach Salaries

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Do you understand why the college football playoff should NOT be expanded? How do Nebraska’s coordinators compare to others in the Big Ten with regards to salaries? And more news!

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff-Selection Sunday Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today released their college football’s assistant coach salary database. Nebraska’s coordinators, Danny Langsdorf and Mark Banker are a little underpaid compared to some of their counterparts. Langsdorf makes $527,000 per year, while Banker is at $580,000 per year.

Wisconsin’s Joe Rudolph (offense) and Justin Wilcox (defense) make $574,000 and $500,000, respectively. Michigan pays Tim Drevno (offense) and Don Brown (defense) $850,000 and $880,000, respectively. Ohio State splits coordination on offense and defense between four coaches - Tim Beck and Ed Warriner on offense and Luke Fickell and Greg Schiano on defense. Beck gets $604,500 (eat it, suckers!), Warriner is at $654,500, Fickell is at $754,500 and Schiano is at $600,000. For one more comparison, there’s Iowa, who has Greg Davis (offense) and Phil Parker (defense). Those two get $625,000 apiece.

I’d say Nebraska is getting a nice deal.

You can have fun with that database - just click on the column and sort by salary. Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator John Chavis is the top paid assistant in the nation at $1,558,000 per year, and his defense finished 2016 ranked 91st in total defense. Notre Dame’s Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder was paid $1,106,156, and was fired partway through the season.

Makes you wonder what would happen if coaches were paid on commission. Some of them would probably starve.

Oregon has hired Willie Taggart. Taggart, coming out of South Florida, with the previous stop at Western Kentucky, will take over the program from Mark Helfrich, who went 37-16 over four seasons and 4-8 this year. Nebraska Plays at Oregon next September 9th, for the second game of the 2017 season.

Welcome, Willie Taggart! - Addicted To Quack

A quick message from a recent USF grad

Oregon announces Taggart’s hiring, contract reported to be $3.2 million per year over 5 years - Addicted To Quack

Taggart nearly doubles his salary, but owes USF some dough.

Oregon hires Willie Taggart as next head coach - Addicted To Quack

They found their man.

You knew there would be someone stupid enough to hire Kiffin as a head coach, right? Perhaps he’s matured after being screamed at by Nick Saban for the past few years, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. Kiffin has shown an amazing ability to fail up, and I don’t think it’s ultimately going to be any different this time around.

Big Ten

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One more accolade for Coach Franklin, and it probably won’t be the last.

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The former Ohio State head coach is said to be ready to be a HC again.

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Brian and I voted.

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Some alumni fee Notre Dame has failed on and off the field and calls out the program for not upholding standards.

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They may be onto something.

First rounds at home fields, otherwise expansion is against your best interests. I will repeat this every time expansion of the current playoff system comes up until you accept and understand just how dangerous this is.

Yesterday I was at a customer site where I was being heavily abused by one of my colleagues about Nebraska being in the Music City Bowl. This particular colleague is a Penn State alum and therefore had to get his shots in. We had a conversation about the playoff system and I asked him to Google “college football bowl commissioner salaries”. I encourage you to do the same. It’s amazing what people (mostly old white guys) get paid to run a bowl that supposed to be all about charity and “for the children” - at least that’s how they’re marketed.

I’m bringing up bowl commissioner salaries because I believe the greatest impediment to an expanded and well-structured playoff system is good old-fashioned cronyism. The guys who are in charge of the playoff aren’t going to leave their other old rich guy buddies out to dry by not having playoff games at their bowl sites, so you can figure that if the playoff system expands that it will be the most lopsided bag of crap in major sports.

HOME FIELD PLAYOFF GAMES. That’s it. Do you not understand this yet? Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues.

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Christian McAffrey is going pro. Can’t blame him - Stanford really fell short of expectations this season - but he was a fun player to watch.