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Nebraska vs. Creighton: The One Sided Relationship Between Tim Miles and Greg McDermott

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You think Nebraska has had a bad streak against McDermott? Take a look at our coaches record.

Men Who Speak Up Main Event At MGM Grand Basketball Tournament - Creighton v Massachusetts Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tim Miles has coached Nebraska for four years now. He is currently going on his fifth. In those four years he has yet to have a Nebraska team beat Creighton. Every year he has been here the Big Red have been shut down by the boys in blue up north. Let that sink in.

Lets look at Tim Miles record against Greg McDermott. These two coaches have sent squads against each other on twelve difference occasions. For some reason these two Midwestern coaches paths have kept crossing. It’s as if fate is leading them along their paths for a reason. Teasing one while enticing the other.

Neither one really went far from where they started when they left a coaching gig. If anything, Miles tried to get away from it by going to Colorado State for a few years. So far, one of his most successful stints. I’m not implying that his move was meant to get away from McDermott. That would be a little too paranoid. At that point having a small losing record against someone really doesn’t sink in that far. Many coaches have that problem. Look at anyone in the ACC against Duke for example. There are much worse records against Coach Krzyzewski.

However, what has become the record between these two coaches raises an eyebrow. No one wants to be down double digits to anyone.

Their relationship goes back to when Tim Miles was at Southwest Minnesota State and McDermott was at Wayne State. During that period Coach McDermott teams held a 6-0 record against ones coached by Miles.

Tim eventually left Southwest Minnesota State to coach at North Dakota State. Greg eventually went on to Iowa State. During this period of their relationship Greg kept the upper hand and went 2-0 against his South Dakotan adversary.

The total is now up to 8-0 in favor of McDermott.

Since coming to Nebraska Miles added four more games to the deficit. Yes, Nebraska has a head coach who is 0-12 against our biggest in state rival’s coach.

Tough to believe. I’m sure that probably wasn’t on the mind of former football coach and then athletic director Tom Osborne. Why would it? At that point the games were still going back and fourth between the two schools. It was also still developing as a intrastate rivalry. I mean, is Nebraska really going to look towards UNO for something? They’re the only other Division 1 school in the state. Nope, it’s Creighton and that’s what is becoming the big deal among Nebrasketball fans.

Will there be another notch on McDeromotts belt on Wednesday night? He has probably the best team since his son Doug was on the team. In fact, it’s probably better all around. Greg has this team that is undefeated, playing 10 deep, and is in the top ten in the nation coming into Lincoln.

I’m not saying that this is do or die time for Miles but a win against McDermott and the Bluejays would go a long way. Especially now that they are a nationally ranked team who now play in a premiere basketball conference.

A Nebraska win Wednesday would be huge for Coach Miles, the team, and the fans. Pack The Vault folks, let’s help Miles and this team bring home their first Creighton win.