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Cobs: Noble Hall, Penn St. Fans, and Music City Bowl Vol Alum

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Temple v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Championship week makes it a pretty light weekend in terms of college football, and actually, the games were pretty good. (Well, except for Alabama gutting and filleting Florida, that is.) That’s good, right?

Well, not if you are looking to ridicule the suckage. And that means that we just don’t have a lot to choose from. But I suspect one of these would win most any week during the season, so it’s not like the suckage took a week off.

Noble Hall

You may not recognize the name, but you probably saw the lowlight. After San Diego State’s Kyle Kelley sacked Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, Kelley’s teammate Noble Hall decided to get into the holiday mood with "The Nutcracker".

Kevin Mar

Notice the referee with the white hat in that clip? He stared at Hall’s flying nut punch and merely spotted the ball for the next play. No penalty?

Whiny Penn State Fans

In any playoff situation where teams are selected, the first team out is not only disappointed, but usually cries foul. It happens, and it’s to be understood to some extent. This year, it was Penn State finishing in fifth, one spot out of the four-team College Football Playoff, after winning the Big Ten Championship game Saturday night. Their consolation prize? A Rose Bowl berth, which every Penn State fan would have been elated to have at the start of the season. But with the chance to go to the playoff last week, no doubt they’re a little disappointed.

Some more than others.

OK, so Temple apparently isn’t a cupcake - even though the Owls have only had five winning seasons in the last 35 years. Ranked this year, to be sure...but when the contract was signed? Probably not.

But it wasn’t the Temple game that hurt Penn State’s standing in the college football playoff; State Penn won that game 34-27. Nor was it the 42-39 loss to Pitt either; Clemson made the playoff despite losing to the Panthers.

It was this:

Also flying in the face of the idea that "strength of schedule doesn’t matter" is the fact that Ohio State got into the playoff precisely because of their strength of schedule. Defeating Oklahoma 45-24 in Norman is the best non-conference victory of anybody in college football this season; the Sooners finished seventh in the final playoff ratings.

The playoff put together the four best teams in college football, and frankly, almost nobody disputes that final result. Except for a few Penn State fans, it seems.

Music City Bowl Social Media Team

Nebraska is used to being essentially playing an away game in bowl games: Miami in the Orange Bowl, LSU in the Sugar Bowl, and Arizona State in the Fiesta Bowl. So playing Tennessee in Nashville is nothing new. But not since the Orange Bowl reps cheered Irving Fryar’s dropped touchdown pass in the 1984 Orange Bowl have we seen a bowl make their partisan preference so blatantly known.

Until Sunday night, that is. In a tweet that was eventually deleted, the Music City Bowl made their preference known.

Later Sunday evening, the Music City Bowl issued a mea culpa to apologize and explain what happened:

For transparency sake, we do have a couple UT alumni on staff who manage our social media platforms. There was a tweet that went out earlier this evening which was connected to a Facebook post from a staff member who thought they were posting from their personal page. While we hope mistakes like this don't occur - they sometimes do and at the end of the day we're all human (and sports fans). We couldn't be more excited about our match-up and hope you'll accept that this as an honest mistake.

I get that. I work in this space myself and know just how easy it is to do this. But in the aftermath of this little boo-boo, I suspect that the officials at the Music City Bowl will be going out of their way to make sure that Nebraska and their fans are treated well.