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Big Red Cobcast: Nebraska Is The Only Ten I See

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The Blackshirts are volunteering to kick Tennessee in the Nash-Holes.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s the end of the season. We have a bowl game, National Signing Day, Spring Camp and then the long hard lonely summer months. As much as I love having more time to do nothing, I’m gonna miss seeing Riley’s happy face every Saturday.

I’m also really sad to see Tommy Armstrong go. I loved that guy. He had the heart of a gotdamn champion. Westerkamp, Cethan, Alonzo Moore, Brandon Reilly, Nate Gerry, Bando - they will all be gone and I’ll miss them too.


The future is looking bright. With Calabraska coming in, a new special teams coach with a penchant for recruiting and the first real QB battle in about 8 years, I’m very, very excited.

Here’s my request for the off-season - Go to iTunes and subscribe to us. Continue listening during the off season. We are working hard to set up some very interesting interviews and to find some cool alternatives to in season banter.

Alright, cool. So happy holidays and don’t do anything stupid.

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