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It’s Jaysker Week at Corn Nation!

This week Nebraska takes on Creighton and Kansas. Match ups that bring out both varieties of Jaysker

The Snettisham Spectacular As High Tides Cause Thousands Of Birds To Take Flight Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

This is a time that only comes about when the planets align just so. A time that use to happen once every few years but now due to abnormalities in conference realignment can only happen under the most special of circumstances.

What wizardry could possibly bring both Kansas and Creighton together in one week?

Well, actually it’s purely dumb luck and some nifty scheduling that made this happen.

What we are talking about is the emergence of two types of Jayskers during one short period of time. The original and new.

To many of you there is only one type of Jaysker. Those folks who root for both Nebraska and Creighton. Specifically ones who root for Nebraska football and Creighton basketball. They mainly congregate around the Omaha metropolitan area but have been known go as far west as Alliance. We have talked about them numerous times over the past few years on this website so I am sure you are aware.

The second is an older variety. This one goes back to the Big 8 conference, maybe earlier. Records are hard to come by but it is believed to have been around since the ‘60’s or so. This type of Jaysker is one that roots for Nebraska football and then crosses state lines to the south and roots for the Kansas Jayhawks during basketball season.

Yep, it’s hard to believe that this species even exists in today’s age but they are still around.

Be ready and get your best pair of Bushnell binoculars ready because this will be the only week you will be able to see your beloved Nebrasketball play both for the foreseeable future.

Quick note, they are both known as an invasive species and are considered a nuisance to some. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

- GBR!!!