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College Football Playoff Selection - THE THREAD

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Who’s in, who’s out?

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Florida Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Today we find out (or should) where Nebraska will go bowling - Nashville and Tampa are the most likely destinations - and we find out who will be in the 2016 College Football Playoff.

ESPN will be hosting a two-hour selection show at 11:00 am so that they can draw out the College Football Playoff selection for as long as humanly possible in an attempt to key eyes on the tube while showing you EVEN MORE shiny rock commercials because there is nothing that says YOU WANT HER MORE than buying this incredibly expensive shiny rock even though you still have student loans to pay off.

Regardless of what the Playoff Committee decides to do there will be plenty of caterwauling going on, and it won’t be all be by the fans of teams that were left out. It will be done by pundits, and by golly, some of them might have good points.

Here’s how the Top Ten will most likely look today:

#10 USC

Started out horribly, but finished as one of the better team in the country.

#9 Colorado

Yes, Colorado, in the Top Ten.

#8 Wisconsin

You had it man. You had a championship, and you gave it away. I was shocked at how the Badgers could not get anything going in the second half on offense.

#7 Oklahoma

Won the Big 12, if that counts for anything anymore. Gee, is this the second year in a row that our previous craphole of a conference isn’t involved in the College Football Playoff?

#6 Michigan

There wasn’t a conspiracy to keep you out of anything. Beat Iowa and you’re in.

#5 Penn State

Now things get interesting. I can see Penn State making the Top Four easily. It will rankle a LOT of people who still believe that they shouldn’t even have a football program.

#4 Clemson

I’d probably move Clemson to #5 if it were me, and stick Penn State in their place. I don’t care that Clemson won the ACC, Penn State won the toughest conference in football.

#3 Washington

Horribly weak non-conference schedule, and which is why they’ll really be #4 and there will be many arguments as to why they’d get in versus Penn State. Good defense, pretty good offense - the Huskies might surprise everyone here.

#2 Ohio State

The Buckeyes are the second-best team in the nation, and they have the resume to prove it. So they didn’t win their conference. So what. Lots of caterwauling will be done about them and how “conference championships don’t matter”. Yes, they do.

There are a number of teams who have won championships already - Alabama, Penn State, Clemson, Washington, Oklahoma, and even Western Michigan. National Championship, no. Conference Championship, yes. They’re still champions. This is important.

#1 Alabama

Friggin’ robots. Can anyone beat them? I’d say yes - Ohio State if they play really good football. Washington might give them a better run than anyone thinks, and Penn State if they can just chuck the ball up to their receivers and make long plays down the field like they did against Wisconsin.

I can see the selection committee deciding on a Top Four, then moving three of those around (Obviously ‘Bama is #1 and always #1 and boring as hell) to get the best matchups.

Ohio State and Alabama are their big television draws. Those count more than conference championships or resumes.