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Five Heart Podcast Episode 18

Brian and Greg are back on Music City Bowl game day talking about seniors, Tennessee, the SEC, and food.

Gallery: Huskers Cap Home Schedule with Win Over Maryland
Senior QB Ryker Fyfe runs in the open field during Nebraska’s 28-7 win over Maryland on Nov. 19.
David McGee - Corn Nation

After last week's well-received Very Special Christmas Special, this week's episode sees the return of Brian after a successful trip back to Lincoln. We talk about menu items for Christmas and New Years (whose toes Brian would lick to avoid eating black eyed peas).

Greg fired a few quick hypothetical situations at Brian. His responses are the things of legend.

And hey, there's a bowl game today. Nebraska and Tennessee from Nashville, TN and the Music City Bowl (that reminds me...I need to set the DVR). How do the guys see this one shaking out?

Also, there's a lengthy discussion about what we ate over the Christmas weekend.

All the plugs for when you don't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve!

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