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Corn Nation's Five Heart Podcast Episode 14

Greg and Brian are back talking a little about the Iowa debacle, recruiting (past and present), and bowl game speculation.

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

You know what sucks? Losing to Iowa. I is the drizzling shits. And you know what? We can't do anything about it now. We passive observers couldn't do anything about it last week when it happened.

(^^That’s not related to anything, I just needed use of the picture.)

In this episode, Greg and Brian discuss recruiting classes past, present, and future. Who has lived up to the hype, who has not.

And speaking of recruiting, the Husker coaching staff is all over the country taking advantage of the off weekend by doing some coast-to-coast recruiting!

There's also brief conversation at the end that is PURELY SPECULATIVE about where the Huskers may end up in the bowl game scenario.

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