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Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

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Nebraska heads to the Hoosier state to take on...the Hoosiers!

Tim Miles giving a shout out to Lemmy
Tim Miles giving a shout out to Lemmy
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

This is it folks, the start of conference play. First up is Indiana and all the talent that comes with them. This will be an eye opener of a game because Indiana could very easily be the best team in the Big Ten this year. So, the Huskers are not starting out slow. Maybe the next game will be a little lighter? Nope, next game is against Maryland.

Remember, keep it clean and follow the Corn Nation guidelines of civility when commenting tonight. We all have Nebrasketball anger in our tummies but need to keep it in check. Though, not too much in check. I don't want anyone developing ulcers or whatnot.

TV: Big Ten Network

Streaming: BTN2GO, Husker Sports Network

Radio: 1400 KLIN

Probable Starters:

~ Nebraska

Tai Webster

Ed Morrow Jr.

Evan Taylor

Glynn Watson Jr.

Michael Jacobson

~ Indiana

Josh Newkirk

James Blackmon Jr.

Robert Johnson

OG Anunoby

Thomas Bryant