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Muskegon, Michigan Linebacker Andrew Ward Commits To Nebraska Football

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The Huskers get a Christmas present in losing a big time commitment drought.

Andrew Ward
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It was almost 100 days for the Nebraska Cornhuskers between commitments, but it looks like the linebacking crew for this cycle should be full finally.

The Huskers fill out their linebacking crew for the 2017 recruiting cycle with the commitment of Andrew Ward, an inside linebacker from Muskegon, Michigan. Ward is a mid-level 3-star verbal, who is the 42nd-best linebacker in the 247sports composite, and the 22nd-best player in the state of Michigan.

Alongside Nebraska, Ward had other offers from his finalists in Indiana and Iowa State, as well as Arizona, Penn State, Minnesota and Virginia Tech.

You can tell that Ward is somewhat undersized right now at 200 pounds and only 6’1, but there’s hope that he can fill out and get some bigger size. He stated that the staff sees him as a WILL type of player earlier, so one has to think with the addition of Avery Roberts and Willie Hampton in this class, Ward will fill things out for recruiting.

This takes the spot of Rahyme Johnson, who Nebraska really chilled on at the start of the season. It’s not the studded group that Nebraska probably thought of earlier this summer, but Trent Bray has done well with less as he’s been with Nebraska.

You’re not going to see much change in the 247sports composite after Ward’s commitment, but it’s nice to go up for a change. This was getting rough for Nebraska, and hopefully this will kickstart a very good end of the ‘17 cycle for the Huskers.