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Nebraska vs. Southern University Game Thread

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Who's looking forward to Christmas? Let's hope the men's basketball team isn't.

Watch my team! GRRRRR!!!!
Watch my team! GRRRRR!!!!
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Husker Fans!

...Husker Fans?

I hope there are still a few of you here on this cold winter night.

Yeah, I know it's Christmas week and you have to spend time with friends and family and the Huskers blew a minuscule game against a team that you couldn't find on a map.

But still, you're not Jayskers, right? You root for the Huskers through thick and thin.

Remember "We all stick together, in all kinds of weather, for dear ol' Nebraska U"


It's a cold and tough week but we are reliable and hearty fans. Let's stick it out one more time before Christmas for the team.

TV: None (basketball gods really don't love you)

Streaming: BTN2Go, Husker Sports Network

Radio: 1400 KLIN

Probable Starters:

~ Nebraska

Tai Webster

Ed Morrow Jr.

Evan Taylor

Anton Gill

Michael Jacobson

~ Southern University

Tre'lun Banks

Rashad Andrews

Shawn Prudhomme

Emanuel Shepherd

Jared Sam

- GBR!!!