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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Thomas Graham Set To Commit Friday, Walk-On Quarterback Help Wanted Sign Out?

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Let’s cover a couple things before a big weekend for Nebraska starts.

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- The big news you’re reading about is that Cali CB Thomas Graham is set to pick his school tomorrow, something that will come down about 1pm Central.

I’m still down with my pick of the Huskers, but a lot of national guys have made the call for Oregon to get his services. This is not something that once the kid picks, Nebraska still has X amount of days to NSD to flip him. Graham is looking to be on campus in January and enroll early, so whomever he picks tomorrow is his school.

Nebraska has sold the fact that, no matter the position, there’s room for anyone to come in and compete for playing time. But, with the way that there’s so much youth in the Secondary, it’s been hard for Nebraska to get anyone to take the leap this year.

I do think that Quran Hafiz will be a Husker when he decides on Monday. However, the Graham verbal would kickstart a dormant time for Nebraska as it comes to verbals in this cycle. The Huskers have floated down to 30th in the 247 National rankings. That’s not where Nebraska should be, but with all the implied movement that should come if/when guys like Joseph Lewis, Greg Johnson & Foster Sarrell commit, that’s the risk you take.

Nebraska has stayed in touch with Hafiz as well, so don’t think that comes out of nowhere if it does happen, which it should.

- Nebraska GA/TE coach Tavita Thompson sent out a nice little tweet today.

That is solely for Aledo, Tx OL target Chuck Filaga, who will be playing for a State of Texas UIL title as Aledo will take on Corpus Christi Callalen on Friday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

- So, the Huskers are just taking Tristan Gebbia in the ‘17 cycle as their Quarterback, but the staff sounds like they want to take on a walk-on QB in this cycle as well. One of the first targets I’ve seen is Braden Wright, who was the QB for Elkhorn South and is currently a Nebraska-Kearney commit.

It’s not that Nebraska has failed in QB recruiting, they have done what Bo Pelini & Tim Beck didn’t do in taking at least one per cycle. However, there’s a need for depth at the position, and this could be an instance where if someone like Wright is worthy, he’s on scholarship come this time next season. Winning 2 straight Nebraska Class B titles, second-team LJS Super State and being a overall solid kid helps in this aspect.

- Besides Graham, it’s interesting to keep an eye on what Jim Leavitt is going to go after at Oregon. Guys like Trajon Cotton, Deommodore Lenoir and such are probably rethinking their thoughts on the Ducks, especially if Leavitt had their ear in Boulder.

- We’re now near 90 days since the last verbal of the Nebraska cycle in Deiontae Watts. That’s a long time, and Nebraska also suffered a fairly decent drought last season as well. For a staff that’s been constantly trying to figure out how to do things better, this is an issue that has to be at the forefront of the next cycle and this summer. Granted, when you’re waiting on a lot of kids who are going to be putting on hats late in the cycle, this happens. That being said, there is something to ‘recruiting mojo’ or lack thereof.