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Big Red Cobcast: Joe-gue One

Joe’s back for real this time!

First off, I apologize for being a day late. I’m not gonna make excuses, it was my fault. I let down our trillions of listeners and for that I need to be punished.

Speaking of me being punished... Joe’s back! Yes that Joe, the Canale brother. Pat’s here also, but that’s not exciting, he’s always here.

In this week’s episode we talk about the important things like is Harbaugh gonna be a Ram - and if he is - do we get any of those sweet, sweet Michigan recruits? I bet we do. But only the cool ones, none of the bull shit ones. That’s Iowa’s job they can scavenge for our sloppy seconds.

Iowa sucks, guys.

We also take a look at the non-Michigan-roster recruiting and spill some “hot goss”. You’ll probably want to listen so you can hear that and sound real smart at your next Christmas party by saying things like “Darnay Schmarnay” or “Sarrell? I hardly know her”. You know, things like that.

But the most important thing to come up this episode is one simple question: “Will I see another National Championship before I die?” For reference - I’m 36 (but I don’t look a day over 25). What do you think? Will I? Just know, if you hear that I died and we haven’t won a championship since ‘97 - I died unhappy, my life was a waste and I regret living it. Spread my ashes at Steve Pederson’s house so I can haunt him for all eternity.

Steve Pederson sucks, guys.

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