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Nebraska Football Recruiting: The Staff Heads Out Again With All Roads Leading To Calibraska

The staff will finish out the weekend traveling, with one major meeting place at the end.

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It’s that time again where the staff is back on the road, and we just got a hint of where they are heading on twitter.

Once again, let’s try to figure out where they are going, shall we?

Head Coach Mike Riley heads out with John Parrella to first hit DFW, where Bishop Dunne will be in the Texas TAPPS Division 1 title game Saturday. That’s where targets Damion Daniels & Chevin Calloway will be playing, along with ‘18 target Calvin Avery. Oklahoma City is where Deontre Thomas is, but they could also be visiting Isaiah Johnson, who Nebraska seemed to be cool to.

I would bet Danny Langsdorf is heading to LA to help out with the targets for Joseph Lewis, Jamire Calvin, and Stephen Carr. The trip to Idaho is to check out 2018 Dual QB target Colson Yankoff. Yes, that’s his real name, and he’s currently a Oregon verbal.

Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker hits the Houston area for I would think ‘18 Cornerback Anthony Cook out of Lamar, then hitting up LA to join everyone in talking to guys like Darnay Holmes, Thomas Graham, Jamire Calvin, etc.

Mike Cavanaugh is heading first to Arizona, where OT target Austin Jackson resides, then on to Portland, Oregon. What he’s in Oregon for, though, I’m unsure at this time.

GA/TE coach Tavita Thompson keeps on the road, hitting up St. Louis first, then hitting up Sacramento is to talk to TE target Josh Falo.

Brian Stewart in LA with the rest of the staff to take stock in the Holmes/Graham/Lenoir group.

Got to think Reggie Davis has some pressure on him to land someone, and he can hit Stephen Carr & Greg Hawkins to play Running Back at Nebraska. Carr does seem to be the main target, hell or high water, for Davis.

Trent Bray is joining Mark Banker down in Houston this week, and I’ll bet we’ll figure out who he’s digging with all the offers that he’ll put out later.

Finally, we all know who Keith Williams is joining and seeing in Los Angeles. He’ll join the rest of the staff putting the full court press on Joseph Lewis, Jamire Calvin, Darnay... etc. Maybe we’ll put Tweedy out there to find the bunch.