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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons The Huskers Lose To Ohio State

Your favorite team will almost certainly lose against that much better team from Ohio. These are the reasons why.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports



There are so many ways for Nebraska to lose this game. We haven’t referenced JT Barrett. Or Curtis Samuel. And we only allude to turnovers.

These are the five best reasons as to why Nebraska will meet its doom.

Feng Shui - Also Known As “Road Game At Night”

The week of the Ohio State – Penn State game I was asked by a colleague what I thought about the 20 point spread. I told him it was ridiculous. It was a night game on the road for Ohio State. I’d seen Ohio State play and they weren’t invincible, honestly, I wish I’d bet money on that game and I never bet on anything.

There’s an “electricity in the air” - it’s a phrase you hear around sporting events, but you also can feel it at concerts. Performers have good shows and they certainly have bad shows and if you’ve talked to a performer about what makes their good show so good, what they’ll tell you is that during their good shows they can feed off the energy of the audience.

This is a thing. It exists. Failure to recognize that it exists is silliness. It’s the thing that gives you an extra boost in the fourth quarter when you’re more tired than your opponent.

It can’t be measured in concerts, but in sports we measure it by win/loss records.

The Buckeyes are 15-4 in night games and 13 of their last 14.

Ohio State Has Superior Athletes

They have more star recruits we do by far, and they are mostly all young. The only Senior on Ohio State’s starting 22 is Center Pat Elflien, and the majority of the two deep on both sides are Freshmen & Sophomores. Nebraska has some talent for sure, but in a straight Jimmy & Joe’s situation, the Buckeyes rule that roost.

Nebraska’s Offensive Line vs Ohio State’s Defensive Line

Offensive tackle David Knevel will travel with the team, but not play at Ohio State. Tackle Nick Gates, Nebraska’s best offensive lineman, has been battling an ankle injury most of the season. Guard Tanner Farmer went down against Wisconsin. These types of injuries might be okay if the Huskers had a lot of line depth, but they’re going up against a defense that’s sixth nationally in total defense (294.5 yards per game) and sixth nationally in scoring defense (allowed 15.1 points per game).

If that isn’t enough, the Buckeyes have given up only three rushing touchdowns all season.

Bottom line: Nebraska will have an extremely difficult time running the ball against Ohio State. This will leave Nebraska one-dimensional. It’s not a good thing when you make a team one-dimensional. We all know that the Huskers need to run the ball to be successful. This will be damn difficult Saturday night.

Ohio State’s Secondary Is Better Than Tommy Armstrong

If Nebraska can’t run, they’re gonna have to pass. This isn’t any better news than if we were trying to run, as Ohio State’s defense is third in pass efficiency defense (93.56 rating), and ninth in passing yardage allowed (171.1).

Did you catch this line from our Ohio State Q&A?

It’s not hyperbole to say that Ohio State has three first round picks in its secondary in corners Gareon Conley and Marshon Lattimore, and safety Malik Hooker.

Well, fucking yay!

Nebraska’s offense can be high scoring, but I wouldn’t look for it in this game. It will be more important for Tommy to protect the ball at all times... maybe you could leave your thoughts in the comment section on whether or not he’ll do that the entire game.

Tim Beck Will Want To Prove You All Wrong About Him

Tim Beck knows you called him names. He’s seen you on twitter, making all them comments about his past happy offense. He probably got your emails when he was a Nebraska, you know those ones you said about how he couldn’t run his offense through a wet paper bag.

Tim Beck will be ready for you this weekend along with the rest of the entire Ohio State coaching staff. I’m not going to take the time to add up all the win loss records that the two staffs have acquired, mostly because it’d probably be depressing and take more time than it’s worth.

BTW, this would be a good time for me to point out that Corn Nation might have been the only Nebraska media to have a a long interview, a candid with our former offensive coordinator. You can check it out in part one, part two, and part three.