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Corn Flakes: Talks About The Ohio State Officiating Conspiracy, Coaching Changes

Michigan fans are tossing blame around like it’s free or something, and there have been some coaching changes over the weekend.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to talk that much about the Nebraska Iowa game. By now, there's been plenty enough said and I think that Husker Mike's Report Card did a good job of reviewing the game. Obviously it's disappointing and it leaves everyone with a down feeling compared to where we were last year when it felt like the team is moving upward and onward.

This is not what I said directly after the game. This is the G-rated version. I then watched my twitter timeline explode with abuse from Iowa fans who saw my article about how Nebraska would win. It’s funny that fans always send you “feedback” after a game is over, but not before it’s started. That’s because they’re a bunch of gutless mother falcon sons of Butch Adcock second pastorate. (That last sentence was created through speech recognition software I use that refuses to put swearwords in speech unless you custom add them. Perhaps you can figure out the translation.)

There was plenty of other news that happened around the nation of college football.

We’ll talk about that instead.

Michigan versus Ohio State turned out to be the big game that everybody wanted. It was excellent from start to finish, and it appears that it’s still not over yet. After the game Jim Harbaugh complained about officiating, specifically about the fourth-down call that came right before Ohio State’s game-winning touchdown.

It’s easy, to complain about officiating, and it’s a normal reaction to a loss. It should be done for a bit to relieve oneself and place blame, but after that it’s best to move on. Mrs. CN is a preschool teacher. The little kids blame whom ever eats the last piece of candy on “eating it all”, even if there’s a giant bag and that last person takes only a single piece. That’s what it’s like complaining about officiating.

Michigan should have never allowed themselves to be in position to be dependent upon an official’s call in the first place. Ohio State didn’t play that well, especially on offense for most of the game. They relied on their defense, specifically two game changing interceptions that led directly to Buckeye scores.

Harbaugh looks like a sore loser, and an ass for his reactions for earlier penalties called against his team including his reaction where he broke his headset and threw his play sheet onto the field, causing his team to lose yardage in the process. Harbaugh’s antics have been know for quite some time.

Worse yet is that the Michigan fan base has birthed a conspiracy theory about how the officials were stacked against them. One official was from Ohio. Another official was a “self-proclaimed Buckeye fan.” There’s an image of an official padding a Buckeye player on the butt. If that isn’t the sure sign that the “fix is in”…

It doesn’t matter what team “your” team is playing, the officials are against them. The announcers are against them. There is no past, no past in which your team got the calls. There is only now and you’re being screwed. The problem with this attitude is that fans can come back on the officials and their families with threats. And then we wonder why we don’t have any good officiating – it’s because nobody in their right mind would want to put up with this kind of bullshit.

Ohio State beat Michigan because of turnovers and late-game rushing efficiency - Land-Grant Holy Land

The stats were correct -- special teams, turnovers, and field position all played critical roles in the Buckeyes' win.

‘I see them refs got paid today,’ says Michigan player after loss to Ohio State -

The Wolverines vented some fury.

Michigan and Ohio State fans are Zaprudering the hell out of that controversial play -

As you can see here, there are definitely many images on the internet showing parts of this play.

Harbaughing - Off Tackle Empire

Jim Harbaugh blamed everyone but himself for not beating Ohio State yesterday

Texas - fired Charlie Strong, hired Houston’s Tom Herman

It was obvious Charlie Strong was going to be fired after Texas’ loss to Kansas

Strong had just a 16-21 record over three seasons, and that don’t cut it at a place that fancies itself the greatest ever even more than Nebraska fans do. Funny thing - Strong was trumpeted as the “next big thing” getting the Texas job after going 37-15 at Louisville for for years.

Now Herman will take over after going 22-4 over two seasons with Houston. Previous to that position he was Ohio State’s offensive coordinator when they won the 2014 National title. His 2016 Cougar squad started the season red hot with wins over

Texas will pay Strong and his staff around $18M for buyouts. No big deal. It’s just monopoly money. It’ll be wondrous to see what the buyouts are for Herman and staff.

I’m sure Herman will be given plenty of time to build a winning, national-championship caliber team, if plenty of time is 10 months.

LSU officially hired Ed Orgeron

I like this hire but I don’t think there’s any secret that media people might like this hire more than fans. Orgeron appears to have turned his fortune around, and he is a damned good fit at LSU.

Coach O wasn’t their first choice, apparently. They tried to go with Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher and, of course, Tom Herman, whom everyone wanted but there’s no way that Herman is going to face the Nick Saban grind of the SEC West. Herman will take the no-defense Big 12 and all that old rich guy meddling at Texas.

Whether he’s successful or not... well, is there any more a guarantee for Herman to be successful at Texas than Orgeron at LSU?

No, there is not, but let’s convince ourselves there is because that’s how the machine works. Hot name, hire the coach, blank check.

LSU hires Coach O: The World Reacts - And The Valley Shook

Here's a collection of what recruits had to say about the Coach O hire Congrats to Ed Orgeron as head coach...

The LSU Coaching Search: Sorting Through What Happened - And The Valley Shook

Coach O is in place, but how did we get here?

Oregon - most likely to fire Mark Helfrich this week.

Another program that’s probably going to fire a coach, spend a ton of money on a buyout, and throw a gob of money at the next guy.

Report: Oregon expected to fire Mark Helfrich - Addicted To Quack

Helfrich will be owed $11.6 million in order for Oregon to buy out his contract, so this is a decision that won't be taken lightly. The report listed Western Michigan’s P.J. Fleck and Boise State’s Bryan Harsin as potential leading candidates.

Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Looks Like He Might Be Gone

The Fighting Irish are 4-8 this season.

I could care less what happens with Notre Dame or Brian Kelly. Ever since they got a student killed because they needed practice film, As far as I’m concerned, Kelly can go to hell. He has spent as much energy lately blaming others for his problems as he apparently has coaching his football team.

On Brian Kelly’s Future At Notre Dame - One Foot Down

Brian Kelly says he will be back.

Then there’s the smaller schools getting into the act.

Ron Caragher out as San Jose State’s head coach, per report -

The head coach went 19-30 over the course of four seasons.

Nevada, Brian Polian mutually part ways - Mountain West Connection

The Nevada Wolf Pack are in need of a new head coach.

FAU fires Charlie Partridge

Les Miles Is Still Sitting Out There, As Is Purdue

Purdue fired their head coach, Darrell Hazell, remember?

There are rumors that Western Michigan’s PJ Fleck will be the next Boiler head coach, but I think it’s more likely Western Michigan will join the Big Ten in football.

And Les Miles... what’s he doing today? Most likely not going to Purdue.

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