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Corn Nation's Five Heart Podcast Episode 13

The Five Heart Podcast...a perfect excuse to stop talking to your family for a half hour (just kidding...maybe).


The Huskers football team improved to 9-2 after a win over the Maryland Terrapins. But devastation strikes the Husker women's volleyball team as they endure a five-set loss to #2 Minnesota.

Plus, we talk about #EvilIowa and their failures in recruiting. YES, WE TALK RECRUITING THAT ISN'T EVEN NEBRASKA!

He Who Must Not Be Named

While you're enjoying the drive home from family, let Brian and Greg keep you company and help you unwind. But if you're one of those crazy people standing in line for something cheap - we appreciate helping you pass the time, but it makes yuo no less crazy.

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Let the plugs surround you like a cornucopia of joy!

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