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Nebraska Football Practice Report: Tommy Armstrong “Likely” To Start vs. Iowa On Friday

The Senior Quarterback is going to give it a go, but others will be waiting to take over just in case

David McGee

Mike Riley announced after practice on Wednesday that Tommy Armstrong, even though he’s fighting a hamstring issue, will “likely” be the starter as the Nebraska Cornhuskers head to Iowa to finish off the regular season.

However, with the health of Armstrong and backup Ryker Fyfe, all three QB’s on the depth chart in TA, Fyfe and Zack Darlington will be available and ready to go in case they are needed.

That above is the big deal here. Going full steam on a hamstring is really the only way to test out if that hamstring is ready to go. Hence, why it’s important to have all three QB’s ready to take snaps.

In other injury news:

It sounds like Nebraska should be about as close as you could possibly be to healthy in all three phases of the game.