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Corn Nation Power Poll Week 13

NCAA Football: Maryland at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Paul: Last weekend was on of those weird weekends where everything could have gone to shite, but somehow it didn’t. I’m moving Wisconsin ahead of Michigan just because Wisconsin continues to play at the most consistent level in the conference. I said that Ohio State was in for a battle in East Lansing with a Sparty that had nothing to lose and crappy weather...and I was almost right. And Michigan’s game was a lot closer than the 20-10 score. Penn State continues to impress. I think PSU and Wisconsin just might be the two best teams at the end of the season, and if the Ohio State - Michigan game turns out like I think it will, they will get to play for #1.

Iowa found its groove at exactly the wrong time for a potentially Tommy Armstrong-less Nebraska. Sparty gets some credit for a moral victory. The bottom of the Big Ten is still bad...really, really bad. I’ll dig into the numbers, but I think Rutgers is on the verge of a record breaking horrible offensive season.

Jill: You could make arguments for three teams to be #1 and I would be okay with any of them. I stubbornly kept the Huskers at 4 despite the offense slowly swirling these last few weeks. It doesn’t look to get any better this week on the road, against a tough defense, with big question marks at quarterback. I probably should buy into Penn State more than I am, but it’s my vote and I’ll do what I want. I’m holding out for a Nebraska-Penn State B1G championship before I make that call (never, ever take my advice to the betting window).

Andy: It feels like we still need a chaos weekend before all is said and done & this wasn’t it.

Maybe Ohio St. over Michigan at 11am but then Sparty over Penn St. at 2:30pm to quickly dash the suddenly risen hopes of that creepy valley full of statue-sexuals? (Sorry, I know a scenario that puts Penn St. in the title game would be immensely enjoyable by keeping the testicles and weasels out of the title game. But, I honestly can’t support a scenario that gives those freaks any satisfaction.)

Then upsets by Iowa and Minnesota to throw the West in a 4-way tie that will have three teams screaming about conspiracies one whatever round-robin tiebreakers and formulas have been run?

My friends, college football chaos is what makes the holidays truly enjoyable. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!