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Cobs of the Week: Rutgers, Texas Tech and Texas

Penn State v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sometimes the suckage just overflows, and this week, we’ve thrown out a couple of candidates just because they seem rather, well, petty compared to the others. Example? Kirk Ferentz decided to take the wind to open the Hawkeyes game against Illinois. And since Illinois never scored (and got to choose to receive after halftime), the Illini never kicked off.

Funny yes. But who’s the Cob? Kirk (who chose to never receive the ball) or Illinois (who couldn’t do a damn thing all day long)? So we’re not going there. Not when we’ve got these Cob-worthy candidates for the Worst of the Weekend in college football.


It’s a rebuilding process for Chris Ash and the Scarlet Knights, and Rutgers is having to start at the ground floor, as they’ve hit rock bottom.

How bad is it? There were more people at the Rutgers wrestling match (held in the football stadium) than in the latter stages of the Penn State blowout. (Not that I blame them...)

Texas Tech

Yes, Texas Tech doesn’t play defense. But still, nothing prepared me for finding this Saturday afternoon after I got back from the Husker game in Lincoln.

That’s IOWA STATE scoring a point every 38 seconds against the Red Raiders. The Cyclones cooled off the rest of the way, merely outscoring Tech 24-7 the rest of the game in a 66-10 trip to the woodshed.


Kansas hadn’t won a game against a 1-A opponent since defeating Iowa State in November 2014. Until Saturday.

Some perspective?

The thoughts from Bovine Nation?

So there you have it. Yes, it’s just three candidates. But what a three to choose from.