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The Morning After: Maryland

What are folks saying this morning after the Huskers defeated the Terps to move to 9-2 & have a perfect record at home this year?

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Tom Shatel, Omaha World-Herald: After sometimes cloudy journey, sun shines on Husker Seniors

Crazy, crazy day.

It was a day for all the dreamers on the playground at Gates Elementary school in Grand Island, specifically noted Gates alumnus Ryker Fyfe.

A day for long hugs with parents of the 28 Nebraska seniors — and with their new parents for life, Jill and Gerald Foltz.

A day for tears, like the ones running down Jordan Westerkamp’s face. Man, he just got here.

A day for a boring, old, mundane college football afternoon — for a group of seniors who have been through a revolving door of Hail Marys and coaching staffs and nonstop dramas.

And a day when we were introduced to the backup kicker, but not until the phrase he had imagined for four years arrived like a sledgehammer.

“You’re in.”

Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal-Star: Fyfe’s poised presence perfect for Senior Day

You got the feeling Ryker Fyfe does this stuff all the time, even though you knew better.

Saturday afternoon, as his teammates strolled toward the locker room, the Nebraska senior quarterback signed a football for a wide-eyed grade-school boy. Then, Fyfe calmly handled a postgame interview for ESPNews. I can imagine kids in Grand Island jumping for joy and exclaiming, "There's Ryker! Hey, mom, Ryker's on TV!"

I can imagine Fyfe rolling his eyes.

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He's an understated sort.

But you couldn't overstate his importance on this day.

Roman Stubbs, Washington Post: Depleted Maryland football gets touchdown vs. Nebraska, but little else

Maryland Coach DJ Durkin chucked his play sheet into the November wind during the third quarter of Saturday’s 28-7 loss to No. 18 Nebraska, unable to suppress his frustration after Cornhuskers quarterback Ryker Fyfe completed a 10-yard pass on third down and nine. The ball traveled through Maryland safety Darnell Savage Jr.’s hands and into the stomach of wide receiver De’Mornay Pierson-El, and a few plays later, Huskers running back Terrell Newby walked into the end zone for a third time to make it a four-touchdown game.

“I wanted to puke on the sideline,” Durkin said.

Thomas Kendizora, Testudo Times: 3 things to know from the Terps 28-7 loss

It wasn’t as severe a blowout as the disheartening losses to Michigan and Ohio State, but it was still lopsided. The Huskers outgained Maryland 401-207, picked up 28 first downs while surrendering just nine, and held the ball for nearly 37 minutes of game time.

The Terps couldn’t stop Nebraska’s offense, which was led by backup quarterback Ryker Fyfe. Maryland has now allowed at least 400 yards to four straight opponents.

Nebraska’s seniors owned the stage on senior day in Lincoln. Running back Terrell Newby scampered for three touchdowns on the ground, while Fyfe completed 23 of his 37 passes. The former walk-on finished with 220 yards and a touchdown.

Dirk Chatelain, Omaha World-Herald: Ryker Fyfe’s big moment speaks volumes for quiet Husker senior on emotional day

For about 15 minutes, they shook the early-morning cobwebs, going over their formations and plays. Then they huddled for their customary “breakdown.” All hands come together and one senior says, “One, two, three, team!” You’ve seen it 100 times.

This time was different. The Huskers coaxed their starting quarterback to the center of the circle. Honestly, it was a little bit of a joke. In five years, you could count on one hand the times Ryker Fyfe raised his voice.

“He doesn’t get very excited about anything,” offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said.

But Senior Day brings out the heavy stuff in Husker hearts, especially the 2016 edition. Fyfe didn’t plan a pep talk; it just kinda happened. His blood started boiling. His veins started popping. An expletive or two might have slipped out. All before breakfast.

“We’re like, oh my gosh, YES!” tight end Trey Foster said. “He just flipped the script on us.”

Said holder Zack Darlington: “Everyone thought it was hilarious.”