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Husker Men Host Open Scrimmage

Tuesday night saw the Husker men’s basketball team compete against each other in a Red vs. White scrimmage

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Husker men basketball team held their first and only open scrimmage in front of media and roughly 1,000 fans in Pinnacle Bank Arena on Tuesday night.

This was the first look for those who had not seen the team play since ending the 2016 season in the Big Ten Tournament. These scrimmages are a great chance for those attending to get an idea about what this team could be like once the season gets started. Though remember, these men are used to playing each other on a regular basis so you have to keep that into consideration when looking at the stat sheet.

The scrimmage broke down to two ten minute periods. An extra five minutes was added on at the end to make a small third period of play due to Coach Miles starting the game a little ahead of schedule. There were officials but it was still carried on like a practice scrimmage with minimal interference during play.

The periods broke down as follows:

- During the first period the White team cruised to a 20-8 victory behind Sophomore Jack McVeigh’s six points which came from draining two threes and Jeriah Horne and Tai Webster have five points apiece for the White team. The Red team was lead by Miami transfer James Palmer Jr. James who will be eligible to play during the 2017-18 season.

- Second period had some of the team’s youth see the scoring table. The Red team’s Isaiah Roby brought in four points while Jeriah Horne ended it with two. The 6’7” Horne also pulled down a team leading four rebounds in the period. The White team was lead again by McVeigh’s five points as they fell short of beating the read team with a final score of 10-9.

- The third period, which was only five minutes long, had actually a fairly high score of 18-7 in favor of the White squad. McVeigh again lead the White squad with six points that came off of four three pointers which gave the team twelve of their eighteen points.

Again, this is just a scrimmage and is a small sample of what the Huskers will look like once the season starts. Coach Miles said it was a great time to not only work on their play in front of the fans but also to correct some of the areas they were deficient in during their scrimmage against Iowa State.