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Five Heart Podcast Episode 12

The guys are back talking about Nebraska’s win in football over Minnesota and the volleyball win over Penn State, among other things.

Gallery: Huskers Grate for Eight
Nebraska freshman Tre Bryant celebrates his touchdown Saturday night at Memorial Stadium.
David McGee - Corn Nation

Brian fights through illness and injury and joins Greg once again for a brand new episode. The Huskers are 8-2 after knocking off Minnesota at Memorial Stadium.

There's a lot less recruiting talk in this episode, but the guys branch out and talk about more than just the Husker football team. That's right, the top-ranked volleyball team gets a few minutes at the beginning of the show. This episode was recorded Wednesday evening, a short time after Nebraska defeated #15 Penn State at the Devaney Center.

Also in the episode, Greg reveals his super powers of premonition, centered around this text conversation from Saturday night:

Greg's text conversation with his friend Josh. You'll have to ignore (or at least forgive) the poor use of grammar.

And we all know how that ended:

Gallery: Huskers Grate for Eight
Kieron Williams intercepts the deflected pass (off of Aaron Williams).
David McGee - Corn Nation

A LOT LESS RAGE from Brian in this episode - so that's a plus.

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