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Big Red Cobcast: Bits Of Broken Gopher

One step back on the right track to a national championship!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest, Maryland sucks pretty had. We know nothing about them. Not just the football team but the state either.

Here are some Maryland facts that you can use in discussions with their fans to make them feel more welcome, like we actually care about them and their stupid state.

  1. During revolutionary times Rockville was known as Hungerford's Tavern the name of its most familiar landmark. One of the first calls to freedom from British rule was heard at the tavern in 1774.
  2. The first dental school in the United States opened at the University of Maryland.
  3. Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, was born in Baltimore and attended Saint Mary's Industrial School.
  4. Maryland gave up some of it's land to form Washington D.C.
  5. Maryland is a prominent producer and processor of seafood and a national leader in the production of blue crabs and soft clams.

There you go! Print those out or you can really try to impress people and memorize them.

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