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Corn Nation Power Poll Week 12

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Paul: Ohio State moves back into the #1 position. With Michigan losing to Iowa...Iowa for crying out loud... and Ohio State finally playing like it should it is the clear #1 in the conference. Wisconsin seems unwilling to give up the tie breaker to Nebraska and is on a collision course with _______________ in the conference championship game.

Where to put Iowa? Above Nebraska? I don’t honestly know. I’m unwilling to attribute the victory against Michigan to stellar play, although they played well. I think Michigan gave this one away. Still, scoreboard matters but I think Nebraska beats Iowa on Thanksgiving Friday.

Jill: I moved the Buckeyes back up to the #1 spot too; their loss to Penn St appears to be a whole lot better than the Wolverine loss to the Hawkeyes. I kept Wiscy at #3 and Huskers at #4. After that, it was a bunch of guessing until the last spot. Sorry Rutgers.

The Maryland - Nebraska game is now a battle between teams that were shellacked by the Buckeyes to the tune of 62-3. I doubt there is a trophy for that.

Greg: Brutus is back in the top spot (for now) but I honestly think Michigan beats them in two weeks. Nebraska has to dip below Penn State for some reason. Minnesota is still in the upper half, as is Iowa. But the back end of the conference is a literal who’s who of teams that suck.

Jon: I put Michigan behind Wisconsin and Penn State because they lost to Iowa. How the hell that happened I don’t really understand. I put Iowa behind Nebraska because that’s where they belong. One game doesn’t make them supermen, although it does make things a LOT more interesting going into the last weeks of the regular season.

Andy: This is wild, wacky stuff, Ed.


#1-2 - Penn St. is a better loss than Iowegia. Flip ‘em.

#3-4 - Wiscy and Pervert St. hold serve.

#5 - NU slides back up to #5 after pulling it against the Gophers

#6 - Iowa jumps up for the Michigan upset, but at 6-4 I can’t go any higher.

#7-10 - The middle tier is led by Minnesota and bottomed out by Maryland who crush the weak & stick their ass skyward for all talented teams.

#11-14 - The dreck remains unchanged as well as unimpressed by Sparty’s registering a beat on the EKG, because...Rutgers.