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Mike Riley News Conference (11/21/16): Defending Bruce Read

Along with an update on Tommy Armstrong’s status, we finally get some questions about Nebraska’s special teams.

Dallas Cowboys 2008 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

Mike Riley, as always, began his weekly news conference by looking back at the last Nebraska football game.

No real news on quarterback Tommy Armstrong, who is officially questionable.

For some reason, I still expect Armstrong to play on Saturday...or at least try to. In other injury news:

I’m not surprised that Foster played the whole game; offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh doesn’t believe in substituting, so unless Foster reinjured himself, he wasn’t coming out of the game.

That is going to be one emotional moment on Saturday morning.

Then, talk finally turned to the elephant in the room that’s been waiting all year long.

In fairness, Caleb Lightbourn really shouldn’t even be playing this season; that’s nobody’s fault, and frankly, I think he’s done well trying to replace a legend.

And then the defense of beleaguered special teams coordinator Bruce Read.

Read between the lines, and you can see that changes are coming, but not until after the bowl game.

Pierson-El, yes. Not so sure on Bryant, though. Then there was this take from Brian Rosenthal, who’s now on the athletic department staff:

If it were only. The shanked punt and confused defense were simply the final straw. Nebraska’s three punts blocked this season is the worst in the nation, tied with UNLV and Oklahoma State. And it’s not like this is the first time Nebraska didn’t have the right number of defenders out on special teams.

If anything, it’s a surprise that it’s taken until the tenth for someone to bring the topic up.