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Tommy Armstrong, Jr. Awarded B1G Offensive Player of the Week!

TA2’s superhuman feats recognized by the conference.

As is customary on Mondays after a game, the conference releases their weekly awards for the efforts of the superhuman student athletes in their sports. This week carries a bit of Nebraska flair as local super-hero extraordinaire Tommy Armstrong, Jr. brought home an Offensive Player of the Week award for his efforts against the Golden Gophers this weekend.

Not mentioned in the award was Armstrong’s 70.3% completion average or how the final TD of the game was a run by TA2 scored despite a bum ankle. Considering Ohio State’s complete dismemberment of the Maryland Terrapins on Saturday, it is impressive for TA2 to not share this week’s award.

In addition to this award, it should be noted that #4 is the first Nebraska QB to have 3 seasons of over 2000 yards passing. He is also tied with Martinez for career starts by a QB and will break that record in his final home game against the Maryland Terrapins this Saturday.

Congratulations to Mr. Armstrong and to the rest of the Cornhuskers! Rest up and let’s go get win #9!

Go Big Red!