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Five Heart Podcast Episode 11

Greg & Brian give you their thoughts on this very special game day edition of the Five Heart Podcast!

Gallery: Armstrong Sets Record, Huskers Move to 2-0 David McGee - Corn Nation

That did NOT go how we anticipated or hoped. 62-3.

Hell, the guys dislike that outcome so much that they barely discuss the Ohio State game at all.

Instead, Brian and Greg talk about depth at several positions, but mostly the quarterback position. And speaking of quarterbacks (past, present, and future), the guys delve into legacies of players and what it means to be great.

Tommy Armstrong leads the Huskers onto the field against Oregon. It remains to be seen whether or not Armstrong will be in Action Saturday against Minnesota.
David McGee - Corn Nation

And Brian doesn't HATE the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy, it's just not the trophy he craves the most.

As a side note, Greg recently ordered a couple shirts for his son from Amazon. The name of the store is CornBorn. He bought two 12M shirts, but one was this design that you might enjoy:

Plug it like it's hot!

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