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Corn Nation Big Ten Power Poll Week 11

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports



Paul: Hillary lost by 51. We lost by 59. I really didn’t expect to get mauled this badly until a possible matchup with Michigan in Indianapolis. If there’s one positive, I learned that the internet even turned clubbing baby harp seals into a meme. Who knew? Nebraska falls to 5 below Penn State and I think we’ll stay there. Barring a complete meltdown on Bucky’s part Wisconsin is going to Indy to meet _______________________?

Andy: I totally expected it. Until I pulled a Lee Corso & drank the Kool-Aid one week before after being sucked in by Northwestern’s close call. After the Buckeye pummeling, I then remembered thinking in clearer-headed days that the Huskers first collision with elite talent since Riley’s hire would likely end very badly. It did. The good news is that the conference is still such used dildo scrapings after the top 3 or 4 teams that there was hardly anywhere for the Huskers to fall.

Minnesota makes the jump to #5 after picking on bottom feeders for a few weeks. Indiana moves to #8 after the Iowegians got the Sandusky treatment. Michigan St. serves as a life lesson in perspective that things can always be much, much worse. They settle in just above Rutgers who can’t say the same.

Mike: You could make an argument that Nebraska is ranked too high, but who are you going to move above them?  Minnesota, who barely beat Rutgers a couple of weeks ago?  We'll let this weekend decide that.  To me, the only real question is "What the hell, Sparty?"

Greg: Brian and I will have more on this in this week's episode of the Five Heart Podcast, but while Nebraska got trucked, they're still a top-five team in the long as they beat Minnesota on Saturday.