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Cobs of the Week: Texas Special Teams, Don Capron, Drake Martinez, Georgia, Iowa Fans

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was one of those weeks where the suckage was pretty hard to find. College football made up for it this week with so much suckage, we had to whittle the list of candidates down to these five; I’m sure there were others that could have been nominated. But frankly, we’ve got several candidates that probably would win fairly convincingly most weeks, so why waste any more time? So here are this week’s candidates for the Worst in College Football:

Texas Special Teams

Some might think that we love to ridicule Bruce Read, but that’s not true. We hate to ever have to nominate anything related to Nebraska. Now Texas? Now you’re talking!! And Texas gave us a special teams debacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In the season opener, Notre Dame blocked a Texas extra point attempt, and scored on the return to tie the game back up. Well, Oklahoma State became the second team to block a Texas extra point and return it for a defensive two-point conversion this season. Two blocked kicks for Texas returned for defensive two-point conversions in a season sets an NCAA record...with seven games left to go.

But then Oklahoma State blocked another Texas extra point...

And then a third!

Maybe Charlie Strong should call Mark Helfrich and discuss going for two...

Don Capron

The name probably means nothing to you, but if you were one of the 90,000 in attendance in Lincoln Saturday, you can’t forget what Capron did to your ear drums. After announcing a penalty in the Huskers game against Illinois, Capron forgot to turn off his microphone.

Then he blew his whistle.

Into the microphone, of course...which then blasted that screech over the Memorial Stadium sound system at something that approached a gazillion decibels. Ouch.

Then he did it again on the next penalty.

And then a third time, sending a chorus of boos onto the field. Not for the call, but for trying to deafen everybody within a half mile of Memorial Stadium. This might have been the hottest of hot mikes in Lincoln this decade.

Drake Martinez

Oh, you remember that name. He’s the younger brother of former Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez who transferred to Michigan State. Saturday night, the younger Martinez made a crucial mistake that gave Indiana a second chance to beat the Spartans in overtime. Indiana’s Griffin Oakes missed a game-winning 33 yard field goal in overtime, but Martinez was flagged for leaping from behind the line of scrimmage. The penalty gave Indiana a first and goal, and Oakes drilled the game winning 20 yard field goal two plays later.


The Bulldogs thought they had pulled off an amazing comeback with a 47 yard touchdown pass with 10 seconds left to take a 31-28 lead over Tennessee. But the Dawgs were penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct afterwards for excessive celebration, pushing the kickoff back 15 yards. Then on the ensuing kickoff, Georgia was offsides, resulting in another five yard penalty, which gave Tennessee the ball at their own 48 yard line. Which was just enough yardage to allow the Vols’ Josh Dobbs to do this:


Iowa Fans

After the clock struck midnight in Indianapolis on Iowa’s 2015 Cinderella season, football has been a nightmare for Hawkeye fans. Kirk Ferentz got a contract extension, the Hawkeyes lost to a 1-AA team, struggled with Rutgers and then got beaten rather badly by Northwestern. They are rather frustrated on the east side of the Missouri River.

So when the Hawkeyes were flagged for a facemask shortly after fans thought the refs missed a couple of calls on Northwestern, Iowa fans decided to use the other four-letter word they know. I won’t repeat it, but it doesn’t take much to figure it out with this NSFW GIF. (Count the birds!)

Then the fans decided to throw bottles on the field, causing a delay and an admonition from the public address announcer.

Which brought some Iowa perspective on the whole sordid mess.

Makes oranges seem rather tame, if you ask me.

So which is it? Who’s the worst of the weekend in college football?