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Nebraska Basketball’s “Secret Scrimmage”

Nebraska took on old foe Iowa State in a closed door scrimmage on Sunday night

Secret scrimmage, no pics....get it? 

For the past few seasons the Huskers have had a “secret” scrimmage that is shut off to fans, media, and anyone who could tell the world what happened. These closed door scrimmages get the team to play against another team in a live private setting. Schools can give out whatever information they want on what happened so reporting on it can be….tough to say the least.

This year the Huskers played against the Cyclones of Iowa State. Yes, our old conference mates from the Big 8/12 days. Remember those? Back when we would play toe to toe with the conference best.

Wait, that was all in the 90’s. Why do we always revert back to the 90’s?

Anyway, the breakdown of the game came down to two 20 minute halves and an extra few minutes at the end for the younger players to get some time on the court. Most of these scrimmages are a kind of like a mixture of a live game and a practice with more stoppages, extra time, etc.

While a final score and who won was not released it was reported that the outcome was “encouraging” for the Big Red. You can read into that whatever you like though Iowa State is looked at being in the top quarter of the Big 12 this year so that could very well mean that “encouraging” meant “we didn’t get our butts kicked.” Though sources did say Nebraska did lead with 5 minutes left to pay.

Glynn Watson Jr., Tai Webster, and Jordy Tshimanga all reportedly had strong games which bodes well for the team as they will be looked upon as some of the leaders for this upcoming season.

Next up for Nebraska is Chadron State, which will take place in front of a live audience and media, next Monday at 7pm in Pinnacle Bank Arena.