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The Five Heart Podcast: Episode 9

Greg and Brian spit fire about Halloween, the Purdue game, and what this week leading to the Wisconsin game has brought.

Gallery: Huskers March on to 7-0

Brian and Greg are back ahead of Nebraska's trip to Madison this weekend to face the Wisconsin Badgers.

Can the Huskers invade Camp Randall and get a win? Why does the same media that puts Nebraska int he top ten bitch and moan about Nebraska being in the top ten?

Gallery: Huskers March on to 7-0
"Rallying the Troops," the Huskers prepare to take the field last Saturday against Purdue.
Corn Nation - David McGee

Despite their flaws, this team just keeps winning. The guys talk about the upcoming opponent and what the 'Skers can expect.

The dynamic duo (that's probably copyrighted) branches off and has a lot of other discussion, and a corn-related pro wrestler gets mentioned from the Twitter feed.

Go Big Red!

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