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Corn Flakes: Biggest Games in College Football Weekend Preview!

What are the best games across the college football landscape this weekend?

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NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Another great weekend for college football, and not just because it's the weekend in which we finally get a chance to really find out if our favorite beloved Nebraska team is any good, but because there are a lot of really good games that involve top-rated teams going on the road.

Look at the games listed below. All the high-ranking opponents are on the road!

There is a crapload of game previews below. A crapload.

# 2 Michigan at Michigan State (11:00 am, ESPN)

There are two storylines at play here. They intersect in this game and may have a very large impact on the 2016 football season. On one hand you have Michigan State, one of the worst flops this season, who is desperate (or not) to salvage their horrific season. On the other hand you have Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Wolverines, one of the best teams in the nation. Harbaugh has shown no mercy on his opponents, using a style that might be referred to as bravado by the Michigan faithful, but seen as dickishness by everyone else.

Sparty could pull it together, could get a good game going, but it's doubtful. Michigan State's defense hasn't been completely awful, but their offense can't score worth a damn. Maybe pride can pull it together for Michigan State but I don't have a lot of hope for them.

#10 West Virginia at Oklahoma State (11:00 am, Fox)

This is a good alternative game if or when Michigan/Michigan State gets out of hand. Expect a lot of scoring, which seems to have become commonplace amongst the games in the Big 12 conference. It is the Cowboys' homecoming, so maybe they'll be extra jacked to knock off a Top 10 team.

The Mountaineers have come out of nowhere to become a potential college football playoff contender. They have games left against Oklahoma and Baylor, but both teams match up fairly well. Both quarterbacks have similar stats, with Oklahoma State relying a little bit more on the running game but it's on defense where West Virginia has the clear edge.

It'd be nice to see another undefeated team go down.

#4 Washington at #17 Utah (2:30 pm, Fox Sports 1)

ESPN's College Gameday Crew will be at Utah for this game.

There's something about Washington that makes me believe they're destined for the playoff. It's not the fact that they've destroyed nearly everyone on their schedule so far… well, it is, actually. They've got an explosive, balanced offense and a defense to match - a statement that will be taken as a grain of salt by everyone besides Pac-12 fans as the Huskies defense can easily be written off as "they played against soft football teams".

Washington will be a great unknown when they get into the playoff, and I hope that if they do, they wreak havoc because I like chaos.

I'd be very surprised if Utah gave them much of a game, but at least they're in a time slot in which all of you can see them.

#7 Nebraska at #11 Wisconsin (6:00 pm, ESPN)

This is it. How you feeling about this game? You get to wait all day tomorrow. What are you going to do with all that time until the biggest Nebraska game of the season starts? Are you gonna make sure that you're actually sober enough to get through it? Or are you just gonna say the hell with everything in tailgate from morning till night?

The one key about this game is Nebraska's offense versus Wisconsin's defense. If good Tommy shows up, the Nebraska offense can get on a roll. I mentioned this in the Wisconsin Q and A we did with our SBNation Wisconsin site, but if this game was named after a band, it would be called "Danny and the Screens". My hope is that Danny Langsdorf can call timely screens and draws and other misdirection plays against the Badger defense, negating their rush and get them on their heels. Misdirection has been difficult this season because of our guards inability to pull properly, but except a heavy dose of screens to minimize that Watts kid.

Either way, should be fun. Should be exciting. WOOHOOOooOoOO!!!

Fun fact - Omaha's Jim Connor as Larry Culpepper will be at this game with the Tailgate 2000. You did listen to our podcast episode where the guys interviewed Jim, right?

#3 Clemson at #12 Florida State (7:00 pm, ABC)

It's rare you find yourself in position to root for Florida State, right? This is one of those times. Clemson needs to lose, and this is their biggest chance at a loss left this season, with games against Syracuse, Pitt, Wake Forest, South Carolina, and (probably) the ACC Championship game left.

Is your love of chaos stronger than your hate of Florida State? I hope so.


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