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Corn Flakes: Is Wisconsin A Rival? Yes. So Is Iowa. Maybe Minnesota Too.

On standard Nebraska topics, rivalries, and the news. Man, coaches are making a crapload of money.

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NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There are specific story topics about Nebraska football that are certain to bring a response from Husker fans. If things are slow, you’re in a bind, or you just want something that will bring in the webhitz, you write about one of these topics.

Note that I’ve avoided lists, like “The Top Ten Greatest [Position] [Game] [Bowl Performances], etc. etc.”. Fans have a love-hate relationship with these types of articles. They get tiring, but they can’t help themselves but to click on them in hopes that they may get to feel internet fauxrage about a topic that has no real impact on their day-to-day lives.

Specific story topics are, but not limited to

  • Lil’ Red
  • Use (Or Not) Of The Fullback
  • The Triple Option (Offensive Identity)
  • Anything Involving Tom Osborne
  • When They're Going to Hand Out Blackshirts
  • The Sellout Streak (Especially in June)

And finally,

  • Stories about Who Might Be Nebraska's rival.

The story about Nebraska and rivalry has been valid since the formation of the Big 12. For a lot of us Oklahoma (Okay, maybe JUST ME) ceased being Nebraska's rival at that point since they were in the Big 12 South and no longer played us on a yearly basis. That left Colorado, Kansas State, and Missouri as potential rivals. I don't know of any Nebraska fans that ever considered any of those teams as rivals, mostly because Nebraska fans considered themselves far superior to those teams. By recognizing them as rivals, it would've been an acceptance that they were on the same level as Nebraska.

Historical relationships were thrown to the wind when Nebraska joined the Big Ten conference. The rivalry story continues to be a somewhat controversial subject. It's controversial because, well, because it's necessary for the media to have it be controversial. We do better when there's controversy because it brings more attention.

So now it's Wisconsin week.

The Badgers are probably the one team that most Nebraska fans would consider a new rival in the Big Ten at this point, meaning that they are the team (of those we play on a yearly basis) that Husker fans want to beat the most. Given Wisconsin's recent history, one would assume that Nebraska and Wisconsin have the best chance of winning the Big Ten West most years.

It's obvious that Wisconsin is our rival, and then not so obvious because when it comes down to it we hate Iowa way more than Wisconsin. The Badgers have our respect – since Nebraska has joined the Big Ten, every trip to Madison has been an ass kicking. At least once a week my youngest son reminds me "Hey, remember that time Wisconsin scored a bazillion points on Nebraska?", and he will probably do that for the rest of my natural life. It'd be nice this weekend if the Huskers could come away with the win or at least play the game down to the wire and give us some semblance of hope that we can stay close in Madison.

That respect may be due to Barry Alvarez, his connection to Nebraska and the fact that he stole a lot of the things that made Nebraska great to make Wisconsin great. He stole the idea of Wisconsin's walk on program, which works well for them because there isn't any other FBS school in the state, and if you're a native Wisconsinite and want to compete at that level that's where you're going to school. He stole the idea of hard-nosed, physical play as well, because before Alvarez came along, the Badgers sucked hard at football.

But then again, with regards to rivalries, there's that hatred toward Iowa, which makes you think that Iowa really is our rival. You might not feel it as much because this is Wisconsin week, but trust me - save this article for Thanksgiving/Iowa week - and you know that you will be thinking of ways to piss off your neighborhood Iowa fan just because you can. That's not a rivalry?

You could add Minnesota in here as well since Nebraska has played them more over our history than any other Big Ten team. Plus there's that 5$ Bits of Broken Chair trophy that's really the only trophy created out of the beautiful stupidity of life. If you wanted to expand the debate further you might add Northwestern. Games against the Wildcats have been pretty close, much closer the Nebraskans would like to believe.

You could add those schools, but it would be a stretch. Instead, let's stick with Wisconsin and Iowa and add one more concept you need to accept. It is possible for Nebraska to have more than one rival. This isn't marriage, you dumb ass, it's sports. The reason Nebraska's had one rival for most of our lifetimes is because we crushed everybody else besides Oklahoma in the Big Eight Conference. (The other reason is because Nebraskans football is a religion, emotionally tying fans to sacraments, marriage being one of those sacraments, but that is a topic for another day.)

The days of us ripping through a conference with only one, big game a season are gone. They ain't coming back. Time to embrace a new reality. We can have both Wisconsin and Iowa as rivals. We could add in the Gophers just for fun because the more the merrier and they make some pretty decent beer in Minnesota.

It's possible. For some it might be radical, but you remember what I said about your neighbor during Iowa week, and then try to tell me I’m wrong.


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This is about Colin Cowherd. First, I don’t know any Nebraska fans who are complaining about respect, but Cowherd might have had heard of or had a person call in on his show, giving him the excuse to use that guy as an example of an entire population.

Colin Cowherd is a shit for brains. He is a blowhard. There is absolutely no reason for you to spend your time listening to him - in fact, I would argue it makes you dumber. That, and you’re violating one of the top rules of media consumption:


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Then There's This

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My cursing in class also dispels the notion that obscenity is the tool of the inept, the uneducated, and the poor. Well, I’m an adjunct, so maybe that last one isn’t true, but there is no rule that says intelligent or educated people have to avoid strong language.


(I really liked his example of “Eat shit and die.”)