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Cobs of the Week: BYU, Kirk Ferentz, Ed Cunningham, NU/PU Referees, Arkansas and Oklahoma/Texas Tech Defense

Dumbest fake punt ever, dumbest explanation for kicking a field goal, and dumbest announcer vie for worst spotting of the ball and three of the worst defenses of the day.

Kirk Ferentz workin' the new math
“Carry the one...”
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The suckage started early this week...and it was Cub fans taunting the Dodger bullpen either. No, the Cobs are for college football, and we had our first candidate on Thursday night. And it just kept coming. So let’s get started.


This seems like a really bad idea.

A fake punt on 4th and 19 and your own five yard line?

Kirk Ferentz

The situation: Iowa trails Wisconsin 14-6 with just over five minutes in the game. Iowa has the ball at the Wisconsin 20 yard line facing a fourth and five. What’s the call, coach? Send in the field goal kicker. After the game, Ferentz explained the call:

You read that right. Ferentz considers 8 points to be a two score lead.

Oh, the bonus? Iowa missed the 38 yard field goal anyway.

Ed Cunningham

Fortunately, I went to the game, so I was spared Cunningham’s commentary on the ESPN/ABC broadcast of the Nebraska/Purdue game. Those of you who either didn’t want to buy a ticket or couldn’t go...well, you paid the price.

Jerry McGinn & the Nebraska/Purdue Officiating Crew

It seems to be passe to complain about the officiating...but this week, the struggle was real for the crew assigned to Lincoln. How bad? Three times on one drive, the replay booth had to step in to correct the spotting of the ball.


It was supposed to be a pretty good Top 25 matchup between #17 Arkansas and #21 Auburn. It wasn’t. Auburn raced 78 yards for a touchdown on their first play, and didn’t stop. The Tigers rushed for 546 yards enroute to a 56-3 pasting of the ‘Hawgs and Bert.

Oklahoma and Texas Tech Defenses

We knew that the Big XII had become a wide open conference in recent years...but Saturday night in Lubbock, it was defense optional. Oklahoma won 66-59, which is the most points scored by an Oklahoma team in Lubbock this year. The Sooners basketball team beat Tech 65-63 in February, for comparison sake. Tech’s Patrick Mahones II tied the NCAA division 1-A record for passing yards with 734. Oklahoma had a 500 yard passer in Baker Mayfield and a 200 yard rusher in Joe Mixon. The teams combined for 1,708 yards; 53 yards shy of a mile of offense. Seven different NCAA records were tied or broken in this game.