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Mike Riley News Conference (10/24/16): Westerkamp Back, Gates & Knevel Probable

Updates on injuries for this week’s game against Wisconsin, and more...

Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Prior to Mike Riley taking the podium, Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook discussed volleyball and the match against Northwestern that’s scheduled for 7 pm Saturday night concurrent to the football game against Wisconsin. Cook tried to reschedule the volleyball game to avoid the conflict, but couldn’t.

Just be careful if you are sitting near floor level.

Mike Riley talked about the Purdue game.

It wasn’t so much a lack of big plays, but rather the number of plays that gained little to nothing on the day.

Secondary play was really bad in the first half.

Nebraska needs both of those offensive tackles playing at close to 100%. I hope Riley’s gamble last Saturday doesn’t lengthen the time it takes for Gates and Knevel to get properly healed up.

Believe me, the ineffectiveness of the offensive line was a key issue against Purdue.

On the injury front, some good news.

I’d argue that Nebraska misses Cethan Carter more in the run game than the passing game; Sam Cotton has been a much more reliable receiver than Carter has been.

Pierson-El’s impact on special teams has been somewhat mitigated by scheme, but we saw a quick burst of his playmaking ability Saturday against Purdue.

I’d like to see Devine Ozigbo back as well, but it doesn’t matter if the offensive line isn’t able to block effectively. Especially this week. Speaking of Wisconsin...

Tommy Armstrong also spoke about this week’s game:

I didn’t know that Armstrong and Jordan Westerkamp were roomates. You’d think someone would have said that before now...