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Nebraska Football: Most Valuable Players vs. Purdue

Who were our players of the game in the victory over the Boilers yesterday?

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Good morning! I’m pinch hitting once again for Adam Furley. He could be studying for a test today, being a student and all. Then again, he is a Cubs fan so....

Anyhow, let’s figure out who were the players of the game in the Nebraska victory over Purdue yesterday.

Offensive MVP: Tommy Armstrong

It’s probably too easy to mention, but when the Huskers couldn’t run the simple stuff between the tackles yesterday, it became one of those games where Armstrong’s arm helped the Huskers get by the Purdue Defense.

TA went 17 for 31 for 252 yards with 1 TD & interception each way. While he wasn’t terribly efficient, he seemed to be able to make the throw that Nebraska needed to move the ball. Add on his 51 yards of rushing, highlighted by his opening play TD of 22 yards after a Purdue turnover, and he accumulated 303 total yards.

Armstrong also set the Nebraska record for most completed passes in school history with 577. He passes Taylor Martinez’s mark with 575 completions. Armstrong is also 11 yards away from 10,000 total yards, and only 244 yards from breaking another Martinez record of 10,233 yards. ‘

Honorable Mention: De’Mornay Pierson-El

It must have been a great feeling of redemption for DPE to contribute in the offensive gameplan yesterday, considering that his season ended last year on a freak step in the Purdue sinkhole endzone last year. Tearing up his knee and wondering if he’d ever step back on the field, Pierson-El came back with a vengeance. He got the ball from Armstrong on this 3rd quarter slant and took it 40 yards for his longest TD from scrimmage since his Freshman year. It also gave the Huskers a lead they’d never give up.

One has to hope that with the confidence and breakaway speed DPE showed there, it will figure into the return game and soon.

Defensive MVP: Josh Banderas

Quietly, Banderas has had two really good games back to back vs. the state of Indiana. He led the charge last week vs. the Hoosiers with 11 tackles, and led the team once again with 13 tackles against the Boilermakers.

There’s nothing spectacular with that, however the fact is that he got 12 of those tackles before halftime, when the Nebraska defense was in a sort of reeling mode. His play helped keep the game close while Nebraska figured something out on both D and the offense.

Honorable Mention: Kieron Williams

It’s hard to take a guy that had 2 interceptions and put him at the second place in this, but the secondary did have a struggle yesterday, especially in the first half. However, it’s easy to wonder what would have happened if Williams hadn’t gotten the interception to start the game on what should have been a busted play for Purdue.

His interception in the second half (and almost 3rd pick near the end zone at the end of the game) helped Nebraska shut down David Blough’s passing attack only allowing 9 completions on 24 attempts in the second half for 78 yards.

Do you think someone else deserved the top spots? Tell us why in the comments!