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Nebraska Football: Five Reasons the Huskers Beat Purdue

A 7-0 start is on the horizon for the Huskers. This is how they guarantee that.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game Nebraska should win, but we learned that “should” doesn’t always mean “do”. Here are the reasons we think that Nebraska walks away with the win this weekend.

Purdue’s rushing defense is, ummmm, not good

Purdue’s rush defense is allowing 264 yards/game on the ground (124th in FBS). You may have noticed, but the Huskers actually try to run the dang ball this season. A bad rush defense might be just what the doctor ordered for an ailing quarterback (not to mention an equally ailing wide receiver corps).

This is not the 2015 Husker pass defense

The defensive backfield for Nebraska is quite possibly one of the most improved units in college football. The last game Chris Jones did not start? Last year vs. Purdue.

We are playing Purdue. At home.

This is a bottom tier Big Ten team. They are coming to our house. This is the type of game Nebraska is supposed to win. Granted, the lone Purdue conference win was in Overtime at Illinois, but Nebraska is a touch better than the Illini.

Purdue just fired their coach

The wide receiver coach for the Boilers was promoted to be the interim head coach. In his first press conference he basically indicated that he’s not changing anything.

Advantage. Nebraska.

The Huskers are tired of hearing about how they can’t put inferior teams away

This Nebraska team has clawed and scratched their way to a perfect record, but that apparently isn’t good enough for some pundits. They want to see a beatdown by the Huskers in order to start giving them a little respect.

Sorry Purdue. It’s not you. It’s us. You just caught us at a time when we needed to do a little something for ourselves.