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Nebraska vs. Purdue: Week 8 Predictions

Do we think the Huskers make it 7-0 on the season, or will the Boilermakers make it 2 in a row over Nebraska?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Mike: Yes, I admit it. I predicted the Huskers would lose last week. Isn’t it great to be wrong???

Greg: Back and oversleeping and missing the Power Poll. It would have looked pretty similar. But I digress. Let’s talk some premonitions!


Andy: I’m getting old. This season is flying by way too fast. Thanks for depressing me, bastards.

Wisconsin (-3) at Iowa

Paul: This line seem ridiculously low. I hope the oddsmakers know something we don’t, and that Iowa can pull it off. But still... UW 31 UI 7

Greg: Home field advantage for Iowa? Is the cooking that bad in Iowa City? Wisconsin has two losses against two top-five teams by a combined 14 points with one in overtime. I honestly think Wisconsin will take out some frustration on Herky. 28-10 Badgers

Brian: Wisconsin is pretty decent on D, pretty tepid on O. Iowa is more tepid on O and not as great at D. If you think Iowa’s offense can be better than Wisconsin’s defense, that tells everyone who you’re picking. I personally don’t think so, and I think then that Wiscy gets the road win to face the Huskers for the drivers seat in the West.

Jill: In a perfect world, this would end in a 2-2 tie with a meteor bearing down on Kinnick. The world isn’t perfect. Bucky 31 Herky 10

Andy: Many times, I try to talk myself into going against the grain, but I just can’t see it here. Yes, Wisconsin has played a brutal schedule without a break, but Iowa hasn’t had a week off either and the Badgers sure didn’t look worn down against the Buckeyes. Iowa’s offense is hit or miss and I know which I’d bet on against Wisconsin. Put it this this way - a comment last week asked if I was nuts for saying that Ohio St. would only score 19 against the Badgers. They managed only 23 in regulation.

I’m betting Iowa won’t. Wiscy 27 Benjamin Franklin Pierces 9

Mike: I don’t get it. Iowa plays one good half against Purdue, and suddenly they are a contender in the West? I mean, Jon will be wearing his black and gold and swilling Old Milwaukee for breakfast Saturday morning, but that won’t make a difference. Wisconsin’s defense has tamed better offenses than Ferentz-ball. Badgers 31, Squawkeyes 13

Indiana (+1.5) at Northwestern

Paul: What a stinker of a game. NwU 24 IU 13

Greg: Who’s the starting QB for the Hoosiers? Is it Lego or Count Diamont? I think Indiana wins this one. But that might be my distaste for Northwestern showing. 24-17 Hoosier-daddy’s.

Brian: Indy’s D is no joke, and NW’s offense HAHAHA. Hoosiers win.

Jill: NW really only has one serious offensive threat and this one could come down to whether Indiana’s linebackers can contain Justin Jackson The Ball Carrier. I don’t think the Wildcat’s offensive coordinator is going to be nearly as good as Danny Langsdorf at calling plays that keep the Hoosier defense off balance. I also know that NW is fresh off a Sparty beating in which they put up 54 points. So, I guess what I’m saying is that this one really comes down to which NW shows up. Flip a coin. Kitties 21 Hoosiers 20

Andy: Who’s got a coin? Northwestern discovered their offense & suddenly has a little momentum going and Indiana was a busted play away from giving the banged-up Huskers their 1st loss, but instead dropped their second straight game to a ranked opponent. When in doubt, bet the streaks. Directional School 24 Whose Ear?? 20

Mike: I like what Indiana is doing on defense, and I have to think Northwestern has been outkicking their coverage the last couple of weeks. Hoosiers 31, NW 21

Colorado (+2.5) at Stanford

Paul: Privileged white nerds versus privileged white stoners. Okay. Trees 31 Ralphie 28

Greg: I like Paul’s predictions. Short, sweet, and to the point. I think (am I about to say this?) that Colorado gets the W on the road. Sorry Stanford, you’ve let me down too much this season. 34-30 Buffs

Brian: shhhhhh... don’t look now, but Colorado may be good! Probably better than Stanford, but on the road? I think Stanford wins this one in the upset.

Jill: Colorado might actually be good. Stanford looks utterly broken. I don’t trust either team to win. When in doubt, pick the home team? Tree 28 Buffs 24

Andy: I think this one comes down to which Stanford defense shows up - the one that gave up 46 points over four games? Or the one that gave up 86 points to the state of Washington? Screw it, Colorado’s not in Washington. Stanford 20 Dickheads 16

Arkansas (+9.5) at Auburn

Greg: What the deuce? Where did Paul go? Is Paul on a self-imposed SEC ban? Can I join him? Auburn by 7.

Brian: I don’t think Auburn’s offense is going to do much on this D of WPS. Hogs by 10.

Jill: Yuck. Arkansas tends to get stronger as the season goes on and it is almost November. Hogs 31 Auburn 28

Andy: Auburn is sneaky good this year, but 9.5 points better than an Arkansas team that just took out Ole Miss’ band of mercenaries? I met an Auburn fan in a bar in Kansas City years ago. He was 300+ pounds of accumulated deep-fried tragedies and told me his name was Joe, but his friends called him Piss Tank. After a couple minutes of conversation which included a steady dose of the n-word from his side, I decided I didn’t want to be counted among them and moved on. So for the memory of Piss Tank, a jackass who didn’t even know how to pronounce his own team’s name (Aw-brin? Christ’s sake.): Arkansas 30 AuBURN 27

Mike: I’m trying to figure out how Auburn became nearly a double-digit fave in this game. I get the Bert skepticism, so at least take the points here. I’m going to go with the outright win. Arky 27, Auburn 24.

Purdue (+23.5) at Nebraska

Paul: Huskers take it easy and let lots of folks continue to heal. Score is closer than the talent level should predict. NU 38 PU 24

Greg: I could see Jordan and/or Cethan getting a little work, but not much. I don’t think Purdue has the talent to do anything shocking, and Nebraska wins by three scores (score does not indicate how close the game actually wasn’t). 45-27

Brian: Well, Tommy is playing, and that makes me feel better. There’s going to be some level of surprise from a new HC and there’s also going to be this level of energy from the team. That’s gonna be expected and we’ll tell how this game will go by the way the Huskers handle this.

One would think that after last year, they won’t be looking past the Boilers to the next 2 weeks, but how do we really know outside of the gameplay? We won’t, and that’s what makes you worry a little bit I suppose.

That being said, Nebraska should just be able to run over Ross Els and that Defense. The secondary for Nebraska will be tested a little bit, but the West Revenge Tour 2016 continues and Nebraska rushes for 350 yards in covering the spread against the Boilers. 7-0, and the fun starts!

Jill: RunTheDangBall (assuming we have more than one healthy running back). I’ll settle for Pierson-El jet sweeping Ross Els’ defense into oblivion. It hasn’t worked yet this year, but that won’t stop me from predicting it against this terribad run defense. Purdue likes to sling the ball around so the secondary will make or break the Husker day. Purdue’s quarterback likes to throw interceptions (11 this season). The Blackshirts like to catch them. Purdue will get a couple big plays when the secondary gets greedy and jumps too many routes but I also think Jones and Co. pull down 2 or 3 INTs. Huskers 45 Purdue 17

Andy: Maybe I’m the only one who’s really worried here? OK, here’s my 4 reasons why I fear this could go tits up again:

1) These guys had their way with us most of last years game. 45-35 makes that game sound way closer than it was or does anyone else remember that we were down 42-16 after 3 quarters? No, I don’t expect the aerial turnover show and run abandonment to repeat itself, but I’m really hoping that the attitude around town this week that we’re just going to mudstomp their ass and easily have our revenge isn’t dripping down to the team.

2) We’re still pretty beat to shit despite a bye week.

3) Westerkamp & Carter are still out. Still a huge red flag for me. I put that factor more than any other as the main reason for Tommy’s 10/26 two-pick day last week. Westy, and to a lesser extent, Carter, are his security blanket. Linus without his security blanket tends to go bugshit and a still battered offensive line, dinged up Ozigbo, and defiant refusal to use Wilbon after his fumble don’t have me confident that the run game can carry the offense for the 1st 3 quarters.

4) Purdue has been able to put some points on the board this year with only Maryland holding them under 20 so far. If we get into a situation like last week, where the offense can’t give the D a break...

All that being said, I’m not going to freak out & call for the upset, but I do think 23.5 points is a little too much. And these guys did show some fight last week after getting blown out early by Iowa. No idea how the coaching change will factor in but let’s go with a dependable script. Huskers dick around for three quarters and put it away late. Fair enough?
Huskers 29 Purdue 20

Mike: Last year’s Purdue game forced Nebraska’s players and coaches to sit down and rethink everything. Quarters coverage and the Oregon State offense? Into the old recycling bin. Purdue is the worst in the league in rush defense, and Mike Riley knows he can’t have a repeat of last year’s game. Nebraska will run the ball all afternoon long. Huskers 45, Purdue 7.