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Big Red Cobcast: Redemption

Next we take on Purdue. Are you scared?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Colorado beat us in the early 2000's and then we made those "Restore The Order" shirts and we won and we were the greatest again?

Well, this is like that but, like, way more important. We can never lose to Purdue again. That was unacceptable. It still is unacceptable. Honestly, anything short of a 56-0 ass whooping is unacceptable. I mean shit they just lost their coach and the suck and they're Purdue! Those three things alone should guarantee that Nebraska treats them like a farmer treats his insubordinate donkey.

We beat their ass.

I'm sure you saw that comedy gold coming from a mile away.

I don't promote bullying but Nebraska needs to go into whatever city Purdue State College is in and Genghis Khan there asses. Well, I guess we play in Lincoln, so after the game drive to where ever Purdue is and then Genghis Khan their asses. I mean don't like do murder but maybe... on second that maybe Genghis Khan wasn't the right choice.

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