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Mike Riley News Conference (10/18/16): Jordan Westerkamp Could Return

Looks like Cethan Carter won’t play. And Nick Gates shows up on the questionable list.

Wyoming v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Mike Riley opened his weekly news conference with a little joke about Saturday’s victory over Indiana.

The defensive line’s performance didn’t really show up in the game stats, but if you watched the game, you got a better idea of their impact.

That wasn’t the worst special teams decision though.

And that’s not what I’m referring to either. It’s clear that Nebraska was in punt-safe mode.

Talk then turned to Nebraska’s undefeated record.

That’s the key, because Nebraska’s toughest games are still ahead.

Injuries, especially on the offensive line, could be an issue this week.

Tommy Armstrong should be OK to go this week.

You’d hope that Jordan Westerkamp wouldn’t be needed this week, but that’s when I remember what happened last year. (Shudders.)

Getting outcoached by Hazell last year should sting. It definitely marks the low point of his tenure.

Execution of the fly and jet sweep has been an offensive issue ever since Mike Riley arrived.

Kieron Williams talked about the perception of undefeated Nebraska.

Fly the W. (#goCubsGo !)