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Nebraska vs Indiana: The Credits

The 2016 Huskers have been like a series of suspense movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. Every good movie needs credits. Roll ‘em!

Corn Nation Presents

A Nebraska Cornhuskers Production

Nebraska vs Indiana 2016




(3 receptions for 37 yards. All three went for first downs)

(Two tackles for a loss, both after trucking in from 15 yards downfield. Ouch)

(Indiana averaged 2.9 yards per carry for a total of 88 yards rushing)

(10 tackles and 11 tackles respectively)

(Jones notched the first pick six of his career and Williams made the game-sealing INT in the fourth quarter)

(With appearances by both Good Tommy and Bad Tommy)


Copyright 2016
Corn Nation Productions

Bonus: Post-Credit Interview Scenes

Danny Langsdorf on playcalling:

"I am so glad that our staple play from 2015, "Tommy-run-around-for-a-while, chuck-it-off-your-back-foot and see-what-happens" is back in the playbook..."

(At this point, several men in black shirts interrupt the press conference, escort Coach from the podium and were reportedly heard asking him to "take his medication". On the plane ride home Coach was seen with his playbook diagramming inside zones and power sweeps. He was also heard muttering, "Run the Dang Ball. First-read high percentage pass. Run the Dang Ball")

Bruce Read:

"Anyone have a question for me? Anyone? Hey, why are you guys passing a hat around?"

Mike Riley on his decision to go for it on fourth and one in the fourth quarter:

"I think living in a red state has changed me. I mean, I just turned to Coach Tavita and told him ‘Here, hold my coconut water and watch this!’"

(all images are from David (player images), Jill, Val H (with permission), public domain, or embedded from their original source)