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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Calling The Shot On Joseph Lewis Coming To Nebraska

A bold statement & other Husker recruiting tidbits

David McGee/CN

When it comes to recruiting, you’re never ever going to get it completely right. You can read, listen, and understand everything about kids and you’re gonna look like a goof when it comes to some kids.

Me? I’ve done that, and you have to live with it if you’re going to make picks in a place like the 247 Crystal Ball. Last year, I was 70% picking where kids were going to sign. That’s pretty decent, I think. But, this year I’m down due to both not picking that many spots and several kids not making picks yet.

But, shooters shoot, right? So, I looked at one of the biggest Nebraska targets on the board in WR Joseph Lewis. Lewis has done the following:

  • Visited Nebraska three times, twice on his own dime.
  • Ranked Nebraska a “9.5” out of 10 on his visit, according to his blog.
  • Without saying much, has made a point in stating that his relationship with QB verbal Tristan Gebbia and WR coach Keith Williams has meant to his recruitment to Nebraska

So, what’s holding back the decision? Well, Lewis is going to wait till the Army All-American Game to make a pick at the earliest. But, seeing what Adam Gorney’s said about Lewis lately on Rivals (not going to give it all away), I’m gonna shoot my shot.

I’ve put in my Crystal Ball for Joseph Lewis to go to Nebraska.

I may be wrong, but worst-case scenario is that I’m wrong. And, honestly, why not Lewis to Nebraska? They’re going to have for him what he wants. That is:

  • A position coach that has a true relationship with him.
  • Immediate playing time possibilites, with Jordan Westerkamp, Alonzo Moore and Brandon Reilly leaving the program.
  • A quarterback in either Tanner Lee, Patrick O’Brien or Tristan Gebbia that will be more consistent in throwing the football.

Adding it up, it makes sense right now, at this moment, to make that forecast. It could change, of course, but right now there’s too much smoke without it being fire.

  • Look for Aledo, TX offensive tackle Chuck Filiaga to set a OV to Nebraska soon, date depending on the timing of his ACT test.

I’m not exactly sure where Nebraska sits for Filiaga, but something tells me that he’s probably not going to really consider Nebraska unless the Huskers just flat out floor him on his OV.

  • An interesting JUCO wide receiver offer went out to Marquise Brown, currently at College of the Canyons by way of Hollywood, Florida.

As stated above with Joseph Lewis, there’s a need for players to step up and be ready to go to replace at the very least three guys. This could be a fallback plan for Lewis, Jamire Calvin or Isaiah Hodgins. However, there’s only so many you can take. Brown seems like a fallback plan, but maybe there’s something we don’t know.

  • I would still put the money that Damion Daniels is the next Nebraska verbal. Daniels is scheduled to OV at Iowa next weekend. However it will be interesting to see what happens to both of Daniels team mates, Chevin Calloway and Eno Benjamin. If they bolt from Iowa, I doubt that Daniels is going to be much vested in this visit.