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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Foster Sarell LOVES Nebraska & Why All Husker Eyes May Be On San Antonio In January

Enough recruiting bites to get you through the day.

Foster Sarell
Student Sports

- An interesting piece here with Steve Wiltfong of 247sports on Foster Sarell, the big-time tackle target who has already visited Nebraska.

When Sarell was asked about Nebraska, he wasn’t shy with his feelings:

That’s pretty high praise for Cavanaugh and Riley, who was the first school on top of Foster when the staff was in Corvallis. The Huskers have as much of a chance here and can sell that Sarell can compete to start immediately at right tackle.

Is it a longshot? While it’s not a lock for Nebraska to get Foster, the odds are better than most people are selling. The first visit, the fact that Cav has had the relationship for so long, the Nebraska tradition and such. It’s all pointing good here for Nebraska.

- One player that is starting to come around to visiting Nebraska is Deommodore Lenoir, who originally picked Oregon over Nebraska.

A lot of folks are thinking Lenoir as more of a safety this year, but he’s also done well on the offensive side of the ball. With Oregon’s season so far and the prospect that Mark Helfrich could be gone, expect Lenoir to at the very least take a OV to Lincoln as well as a few other schools.

- If you’re expecting a flurry of commitments as the season winds down, you may be disappointed. There’s a lot of targets that Nebraska are in on, that may wait till the US Army All-American Game to announce. That list could include Darnay Holmes, Jamire Calvin, Donovan Peoples-Jones & Joseph Lewis.

Now, that could be very good or very bad honestly. In a way, you’re putting a lot of eggs in a basket that could either turn up very well in the Alamodome, or break in your face and a lot of backup plans have to be enacted. But, it’s part of the game you have to play with kids you want to come to your school. The more Nebraska wins and stays ranked, the more these kids will see what it’s about. The staff has done well with keeping in touch, so it will be pretty obvious if the staff thinks they won’t get a kid & moves on.

- A quick note on Chevin Calloway visiting Nebraska as a Iowa commit and Eno Benjamin visiting Arizona State and Missouri as “unofficial” visitors. This tweet of this statement by Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz is odd.

I don’t get how a guy trying to keep 1 five-star and 2 four-star kids in his class would say that. If you are in a state that does not have that much talent (ie, Iowa) and you need to sell kids on what they’re going to experience during game weekends and campus life, why would you say that?

I think the whole no OV’s to anywhere else rule is borderline impossible to manage, but that’s just me. But, if you’re too busy to at least get visitors in, who’s fault is that?

Or give them extensions, your prerogative.